Showerdrape Bathroom Mats

Showerdrape Empress Bath Mat
  • Variety of colours to choose from.
  •  Thick, supersoft fllanneling.
  • 100% Cotton
from £8.99
Showerdrape Petal Bath MatItem on sale
  • Safety anti-slip textured rubber surface.
  • Suction cups for gripping baths and shower trays.
  • Colour: White
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Showerdrape - Petal Shower Mat
  • Anti-slip textured rubber surface
  • Suction cups for gripping baths and shower trays
  • Available in white

Showerdrape Bathroom Mats

Bath and Pedestal Mats

Showerdrape's fantastic collection of stylish bath mats that includes luxurious deep pile cotton chenilles and traditional cut pile designs made from 100% cotton, for outside of the bath, and rubber bath and shower mats for in the bath.

Showerdrape's range of bathroom accessories includes mats for use inside and outside of the bath. Rubber bathmats in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours will fit inside the bath and prevent slipping. Textile bath and pedestal mats can be used in the bathroom and are available in a variety of designs and colours to suit your colour scheme.