Acme Shepherds Mouth Whistle For Dog Training

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The traditional whistle used by the English Shepherd to command his faithful sheep dog to round up and bring home the straying sheep. Used by professional dog trainers for many years, this whistle does require a few practice blows before you get a sound, but once one sound is achieved, it will be an easy asset for your sheep dog training.

How to use

1. Place whistle in mouth with the curved open edge facing outwards resting on your tongue.

2. Hold in the mouth in such a way as to create a gap underneath the whistle. The back of the whistle will sit on the back of the tongue.

3. Blow and by varying the blow, you will create different sounds.

4. To create an even wider range of sounds, move the tongue up and down reducing and widening the gap underneath the whistle.


Key Features

  • Plastic Shepherds Mouth Whistle
  • Controlled range of pitches
  • Assorted colours available upon request


    ACSMPBL / Black 409466


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