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Shooting Sticks and Seat Sticks

Jack Pyke Hide Seat
  • 24 litre bucket with swivel seat.
  • 600D cordura seat cover.
  • Perfect hunting, shooting or fishing seat
Bisley Seat/Walking Stick - Field
  • Adjustable seat.
  • Rubber ferrule end or field spike plate end.
  • Made in Britain
from £39.95
Bisley Deluxe Seat Walking Stick Field
  • Adjustable 75-83cm approx.
  • Rubber ferrule end or field spike plate end.
  • British made
from £45.95
Primos 2 Point Gun Rest Stick Mount
  • Primos mountable gun rest.
  • Extends for ultimate comfort.
  • Use on Primos gun sticks
Bisley Folding Seat Stick
Free UK delivery
  • Interchangeable footer (city/field)
  • Adjustable size 75cm to 83cm.
  • Made in Britain
GameBird Shooting Stick
Free UK delivery
  • Leather seat.
  • Highly polished handles and fittings.
  • Anodised stem and a tan leather seat
from £74.95
Primos Trigger Tripod Gen 2Item on sale
Free UK delivery
  • Easy change tripod height.
  • Quick release trigger function.
  • Lightweight rotating gun rest


from £99.95

Shooting Sticks and Seat Sticks

Shooting sticks have been used for years in countries where a prone position is impossible to shoot from. Shooting sticks originated from Africa and were designed to provide a steady support for a hunter when stood up above the long grass. Ideal for use in Europe on soggy, wetlands and dense woodland; provides a good method of sturdiness to stay dry and ensure use of good vantage points (high ground).

Our seat sticks are exactly what they sound like; a walking stick with a seat. Perfect for use in town or country. Designed to be walked with on soft or hard ground. The seat simply folds open for great use when you need a little break after a long stroll.

Our range

In our range we have many different designs for shooting sticks and seat sticks. Our folding seat sticks provide double the support by folding down when you aren't walking to provide a comfortable perch to rest upon. We have a variable range of shooting sticks including simple and advanced forms; with all sorts of designs as well as functions. We aim to make the experiences people have, memorable. In order to do this we stock the finest equipment to allow you to enjoy yourself all the time.

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