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Hearing Protection

Napier Comfy Ear Plugs
  • Comfortable foam ear plugs.
  • Excellent hearing protection level.
  • Supplied in a handy key chain tube
Peltor Kids Earmuffs Childrens Ear Deffenders
  • Designed for children.
  • Lightweight and sturdy ear defenders.
  • Weight only 140g approx
Shotgunner Ear Defenders Side View - Black
  • Low weight & slimline Profile.
  • Weight: 185 grams approx.
  • Conforms with EN352-2 Safety Standards
Beretta Prevail Folding Earmuffs Green
  • Folding shooting hearing protection.
  • Padded headband.
  • Removable neck lanyard
Deben Slim Passive Hearing Protection
  • Slimmest folding hearing protection.
  • High capacity ear cups.
  • Folds to pocket size
Beretta Mini Head Set BlackNew item
Free UK delivery
  • Ear defenders for shooting.
  • Anatomically designed.
  • Effective up to 32 decibels
Deben Stereo Electronic Hearing Protection
Free UK delivery
  • Compact folding design
  • Compress noise below 85dB
  • Individual ear volume adjustment
  • £54.99
    Deben Slim Electronic Hearing Protection Green
    Free UK delivery
    • Blocks out loud, harmful noise.
    • Amplifies quieter sounds in stereo.
    • Dual microphones
    Peltor Ear Defenders Sport Tac Ear ProtectionItem on sale
    Free UK delivery
    • Fully foldable.
    • Cut-off system for harmful noise.
    • Intelligent active protection

    Why have ear defenders?

    People all have different thresholds when it comes to pain and being able to with stand different things. Some people are hugely effected when fire again - they may get ringing in their ears, or become deafened. This can cause serious damage in the long run; loss of hearing and chronic tinnitus (constant ringing in the ears) are the main sde-effects of shooting without protection. Obviously we want our customers to be safe, as well as comfortable when shooting so we're not saying where them at all times, but when in close proximity with other shooters, or long hours of clay shooting then we recommend wearing ear protection. 

    Our Ear Defenders

    Ear defenders for hearing protection during shooting, gardening, construction and other loud activities. Ranging from foam ear defenders right up to electronic hearing protection which amplifies quieter sounds but only allows a maximum of 85dB at the ear, thus cutting out harmful noise such as a gunshot. We have got Deben and Peltor ear defenders in adult and kids sizes.

    We are pleased to accept official MOD & Police Orders & will quote for quantity rates.

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