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1.5 metres of stove rope

Manor Hotspot Stove Rope

(0042) PM ref: 371998


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Hotspot stove rope is suitable for use on almost all solid fuel stoves and boilers, and the glass fibre woven rope will help to provide a heat resistant seal around most openings. For best results use in conjunction with Heatbond Stove Rope fixative.


Key Features

  • Woven glass fibre
  • Thick stove rope.
  • 12mm diameter
  • 1.5 length.
  • Suitable for solid fuel stoves and boilers



0042 (Thick stove rope) 371998



Size Guides / SpecificationMore

Stove rope size guide

This item has the following dimensions:

-   1.5 m / 59.1 in length

-   12.0 mm rope / 0.4 in diameter


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