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The Complete Fine Bedding Company Collection

Fine Bedding Company V-Shaped Back Support Pillowcase
  • Washable at 40oC.
  • 50% cotton, 50% polyester.
  • Non allergenic
The Fine Bedding Company Spundown Pillow Protector
  • Washable at 60°C.
  • 100% polyester peachsoft cover.
  • Non allergenic 100% polyester filling.
  • Protects against spills & stains
The Fine Bedding Company Classic Cotton Pillow Protector Pair
  • 100% pure cotton.
  • Hypo allergenic.
  • Home wash at 40°C
  • £10.00
    Child sized pillowNew item
    • Medium support children's pillows.
    • Home wash at 40°C.
    • 2 sizes
    from £12.00
    Hotel Luxe pillowItem on special offer
    • Medium support pillows.
    • Home wash at 40°
    • Striped
    from £12.50
    Deep Fill Cotton Pillow Protector
    • 100% Cotton. 
    • Highly Breathable.
    • Luxuriously Deep Filled. 
    Head & Neck Pillow
  • Specialist support.
  • Washable at 40oc.
  • Non-allergenic
  • £12.80
    Fine Bedding Company Luna Pillow Extra Firm
    • Free-flowing ultra fine mini cluster filling
    • Encased in a textured peach-soft cover
    The Fine Bedding Company Cloud 9 Box Edge Pillow
    • Filled with micro-clusters.
    • Box edge design means edge to edge support.
    • Machine washable  
    Duck Feather & Down Pillow
    • 85% duck feather and 15% duck down filling.
    • Down-proof cotton cover.
    Spundown Firm Pillow
    • Firm support.
    • Smartfil® Microfibre filling.
    • Cotton blend cover
    Spundown Pillow
  • Medium support.
  • Cotton blend cover.
  • Smartfil® Microfibre filling
  • £16.00
    Waterproof Mattress ProtectorNew item
    • Child's mattress protector.
    • Waterproof seal.
    • 3 sizes
    from £16.50
    V-Shaped Back Support Pillow
    • Polycotton cover.
    • Polyester cluster filling.
    • Non-allergenic
    The Fine Bedding Company Clusterfull Pillow Pair
    • Home wash at 40°c.
    • Medium support.
    • 100% cotton cover.
    • Blended microfibre filling.
    Spundown Square Pillow
    • New and Improved. 
    • 26" x 26" Square Design. 
    • 100% Smartfil® Microfibre Filling. 
    Winter Cocoon PillowNew item
    • Pair of pillows in polybag.
    • Medium soft.
    • Peachskin
    Decadent pillow
    • Matching items available.
    • Pillow with cotton outer.
    • Cashmere mix filling
    Goose Feather & Down Pillow
    • Medium support
    • Cover: 100% Cotton
    • Filling: 85% Goose Feather, 15% Goose Down
    Fine Bedding Company Breathe Pillow
    Free UK delivery
    • Temperature Regulating Pillow. 
    • Highly Breathable. 
    • Smartfil® Microfibre Clever Sleep Technology. 
    Child sized washable duvetNew item
    Free UK delivery
    • Hypoallergenic 4.0 tog duvet.
    • Three child sizes.
    • Home wash
    from £20.00
    Spundown Extra Large Pillow
    Free UK delivery
    • Medium support.
    • Extra Large.
    • 100% Smartfil® Microfibre Filling
    Complete Comfort Mattress Protector
    Free UK delivery
    • 100% waterproof protection
    • Anti-allergy
    from £22.00
    Boutique Silk Pillow
    Free UK delivery
    • Luxurious Silk Blend Filling. 
    • Smartfil® Clever Sleep Technology. 
    • Machine Washable at 40°C. 
    Anti Allergy Mattress ProtectorNew item
    Free UK delivery
    • Cotton mattress protector.
    • Hypo allergenic.
    • Waterproof
    from £25.00
    Winter Cocoon duvetNew item
    Free UK delivery
    • Lightweight microfibre duvet.
    • Anti-dustmite.
    • Wash at 60ºC
    from £25.00
    Cotbed Protector PadNew item
    Free UK delivery
    • Washable at dust mite-busting 60°C.
    • Waterproof protector.
    • Peach soft
    Ultimate Sleepset Pack
    • Available in Single, Double & King.
    • 10.5 tog duvet & pillow(s).
    • Non-allergenic
    from £27.95
    Fine Bedding Company Spundown 3.0 Tog Duvet
    Free UK delivery
    • Superbly soft and lightweight.
    • Perfect for the Spring / Summer months.
    • Home washable at 60oc
    from £28.00
    Duck Feather & Down Pillow Pair
    Free UK delivery
    • 85% duck feather and 15% duck down filling
    • Down-proof cotton cover
    Sleepsoft duvet from the Fine Bedding Company
    Free UK delivery
    • Available in 15.0 Tog.
    • Non-allergenic duvet.
    • Peach soft cover
    from £30.00
    Fine Bedding Company Spundown Duvet
    Free UK delivery
    • Duvet in 5 weights and 4 sizes.
    • Soft ultra fine microfibre filling.
    • Washable at 60 degrees celsius
    from £30.00
    The Fine Bedding Company Cool Touch Pillow
    Free UK delivery
    • Filled with intelligent ProCool cooling fibres.
    • Non-allergenic.
    • Home wash at 60oc
    Spundown Mattress Enhancer
    Free UK delivery
    • Filled with 100% polyester microfibre.
    • Washable.
    • Soft cover
    from £32.00
    The Fine Bedding Company Anti-Allergy Duvet
    Free UK delivery
  • 2 togs available.
  • 4 sizes available.
  • Anti dust mite
  • from £32.50
    The Junior Fine Bedding Co Travel Cot LinerNew item
    Free UK delivery
    • Polyester fleece cot liner.
    • Non-slip reverse.
    • Microfibre filling
    Memory Foam Dual Support Pillow
    Free UK delivery
    • Temperature-sensitive memory foam
    • 100% cotton removable cover
    Deep Fill Cotton Mattress Protector
    Free UK delivery
    • 100% Cotton.
    • Machine Washable at 40°C. 
    • Highly Breathable
    from £34.95
    Fine Bedding Company luxury duvet
    Free UK delivery
    • Luxury peachskin duvet.
    • 4.5, 10.5 or 13.5 tog.
    • Single - Super King
    from £35.00
    Fine Bedding Company Goose Feather & Down Duvet
    Free UK delivery
    • Available in 4 sizes and weights
    • 85% goose feather and 15% down
    • Down-proof cotton cover
    from £35.00
    Fine Bedding Company Duck Feather & Down Duvet
    Free UK delivery
    • 4 weights and sizes
    • Duck feather and down filling
    • Breathable extra weight
    • Tucked in feel
    from £35.95
    Fine Bedding Company Breathe Duvet
    Free UK delivery
    • 100% highly breathable Microfibre. 
    • 80% Smartfil® Microfibre 20% Modal.  
    • Temperature regulating. 
    from £36.00
    Goose Down Surround Pillow
    Free UK delivery
    • Plump 85% Goose Feather Inner Core. 
    • Luxury 60% Goose Down, 40% Goose Feather Surround. 
    Traditional Memory Foam Pillow
    Free UK delivery
    • Specialist support
    • Cover: 80% Polyester, 20%
    • Filling: 100% Polyurethane
    Fine Bedding Boutique Silk Duvet
    Free UK delivery
    • Luxuriously soft cotton
    • Jacquard design
    • Non allergenic boutique silk duvet
    • Silk mixture filling
    from £44.00
    Hypoallergenic Latex Pillow
    Free UK delivery
    • Removable Cover: 100% Polyester
    • Filling: 100% Latex
    • Highly breathable
    Clusterfull Mattress Topper
    Free UK delivery
    • Soft, plump cluster filling
    • 100% cotton
    • Non-allergenic
    from £56.00
    Fine Bedding Company 60% Goose Down Duvet
    Free UK delivery
    • Luxury 60% goose down high fill
    • Cotton duvet 40% goose feather
    • Lightweight and naturally breathable
    from £56.00
    Duck Feather & Down Mattress Topper
    Free UK delivery
    • 100% Cotton
    • Filling: 85% Duck Feather, 15% Duck Down
    • 4 sizes
    from £60.00

    The Fine Bedding Company

    Known for their fantastic bedding, The Fine Bedding Company have over 100 years experience as 4 generations have passed innovative ideas through the business to carry on creating the great sleeping experience. Struggling to sleep? Well they have focused years on research into why people aren't sleeping well, and what can be changed to aid their customers. Bedding is everything when it comes to actually falling asleep, if you aren't comfortable with your current bedware, then it's time to get something new. Fine Bedding do so many different sets you'll be spoilt for choice. 

    Spundown Pillows and Duvets

    Spundown is a term used to acknowledge certain duvets, synthetic or natural, in a range of duvets which aim to keep heat in. These tend to be the best if you want a normal duvet, with an added bit of technology to keep you toasty.

    Goosedown Pillows and Duvets

    Feather-filled duvets are made for luxurious comfort. They will keep you warm, however the soft and springy compression of the feathers used provides a comfort that is hard to match. If you want to feel like you're on a cloud when in bed, goosedown is definitely the way forward for you.

    Smartfill Synthetic

    Smartfill refers to a fibre technology used by The Fine Bedding Company to fill their synthetic duvets and pillows. The Smartfill technology fills the duvet normally, however it adds pockets of air which provide breathability, ensure you never get too warm. Pillows are filled with mini cluster-like balls that retain their shape balanced against each other, even after washing.

    Fine Bedding

    The Fine Bedding Company has been established for over 40 years and has been producing exceptional duvets-and-pillows for generations. Famous for the trusted name, quality and innovation, they have used knowledge to develop unique ranges of duvets, pillows, protectors and toppers that transform the world of sleep. It is recognised that customers must come first and the importance of keeping the customer at the centre of everything is a must. From the logistics department through to the manufacture, it's the customers feedback that is considered first in order to produce the right product for the customer. We aim is to ensure complete satisfaction with every Fine Bedding Company product purchased and a pleasant shopping experience as a whole at Philip Morris Direct.

    300 Fill Power 325 Fill Power Cotton Blend Cover Drapes BeautifullyHigh Down Fill
    300 Fill
    325 Fill
    Cotton Blend
    Down Fill
    Highest Down Fill Highly Breathable Home Wash at 40 Degrees Light Weight Medium Weight
    Down Fill
    Home Wash at
    40 Degrees
    Light WeightMedium
    Memory Foam Microfibre Blend Naturally Breathable Non Allergenic Temperature Regulating
    Memory Foam Microfibre
    Non AllergenicTemperature
    Pure Cotton Cover Removable Cover Silk Blend Filling Special Support Peach Soft Cover
    Pure Cotton
    Silk Blend
    Peach Soft
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