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Manor Fireside Spark Guards

Spark Guards

Black Windsor
Gift with purchase
  • Inexpensive protection from sparks.
  • Available in 3 finishes.
  • Shaped fire screen
from £11.95
Ascot Black
Gift with purchase
  • Protection from sparks and embers.
  • 3 finishes available.
  • Shaped fireguard
from £13.95
Fireside Fire Guard Cotswold
Gift with purchase
  • Cotswold cottage contemporary style.
  • Strong, sturdy construction.
  • Black finish
from £20.95
Fireside Fire Guard Malvern
Gift with purchase
  • Looped handle for easy moving.
  • Strong, sturdy construction.
  • Large shaped fireguard

Spark guards come in one piece and are a smaller mesh type guard to help catch flying cinders or sparks. The enclosed shape of the spark guard provides and additional level of protection from spark and spitting coals.

The measurements displayed for Manor Spark Guards are provided by the manufacturer of the product and are approximate. The finishes displayed refer to the colour of the product and not the material it is made from. The actual finish of a product may vary slightly from that pictured.

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