Defenders Squirrel Cage Trap (STV076)

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Defenders Squirrel Cage Traps are a poison free, humane way to remove squirrels from the garden, shed, garage or house.

Key Features

  • Manufactured from long lasting galvanized mesh
  • Single entry sprung door
  • Carrier handles and protective hand plates
  • Hand protected easy transportation of the rodent
  • Defenders Squirrel Cage Traps are suitable for use indoors or out

Dimensions: 44cm x 19cm x 19cm approx.


Defenders squirrel cage trap manufacturers tips for use:

  • An effective bait for Defenders Squirrel Cage Traps is peanut butter
  • If possible regularly move the Defenders Squirrel Cage Trap to different places
  • Keep human contact with the Defenders Squirrel Cage Trap to a minimum - human smell deters the squirrels and makes them wary


STV076 377114


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