Mid Season Sale Spring Summer 2018

Playmobil History Toy Range

Playmobil History Toy Range

Playmobil History


Hold on to your seats, because you are about to be transported back to a time when the ancient Egyptians and the Roman Empire ruled. Whose side will you take when it comes to battle? Who will come out on top? The decision is yours.


Playmobil History Roman Chariot: It’s time to see whose horse is the fastest and whose armour is the strongest. This set features a roman soldier, two chariot horses, and a chariot with dangerous weapon wheels.


Playmobil Egyptian Troop and Ballista: Stand guard and prepare to take fire on invading enemies with the transportable ballista. This weapon can launch flaming arrows at any unwanted guests who are trying to invade your kingdom. Complete with three ancient Egyptian figures, three fire arrows and a range of defensive weapons.


Each set includes at least one Playmobil figure and a collection of defensive weapons.