Playmobil Collectible Figures

Playmobil Collectible Figures

Playmo-Friends Toy Range
  • Personalise your Playmobil world.
  • Collectable figures.
  • Unique characters and accessories
Playmobil Duo Pack Toy Range
  • Set of two original Playmobil figures.
  • Unique accessories.
  • Magical and royal figures

Playmobil Figures


Create endless scenarios and adventures with your Playmobil characters collection. This vast range is full of quirky, charming and magical figures, meaning you are guaranteed to find something to suit your little ones’ interests. 


Playmobil Playmo-Friends

Jazz up your Playmobil world and make play time more fun with these spectacular figures. This particular Playmobil series is jam-packed with extraordinary characters; from fairies and tech gurus to princesses and space warriors.


Playmobil Duo Pack Toy Range

Double the characters, means double the fun! The Playmobil Duo Packs are great for expanding your unique collection, and at an incredibly fast pace. Each set contains at least two fairy tale figures. 

Elf and Dwarf Set: Embark on a magical journey with this enchanting pair. This set comes complete with a mystic wand and a magic drink kettle.

Princess and Handmaid Set: Explore your kingdom’s grounds far and wide and tackle royal adventures together. Complete with two friendly doves.

Knight’s Rivalry Set: Swords at the ready! Watch as these two knights battle it out to be the princess’s most loyal protector – Who will win?


There are hours of fun to be had with these unique characters from Playmobil; so complete your collection today!


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