Playmobil DreamWorks Dragons Toy Range

Playmobil DreamWorks Dragons Toy Range

Dragons Armaments Toy Range
  • Gobber with Catapult.
  • 4 Shot Firing Ballista.
  • Each set contains one figure
from £11.99
Playmobil Dragons Toy Range
  • Based on the popular television series.
  • Toothless, Stormfly and Thunderclaw
  • Ages 4+
from £24.99
Playmobil Dragons Berk Fortress
  • Isle of Berk set.
  • Complete with Hiccup and Stoick figures.
  • Light up Viking statue

Playmobil DreamWorks Dragons


Inspired by the ever popular children's television show “DreamWorks Dragons”; the Playmobil Dragons range allows your little ones to surround themselves in a world of high-flying fun.


Dragon and Character Sets

These particular Playmobil sets feature one daring dragon and one brave rider. You can explore the skies and take on whirl-wind adventures with Toothless and his friend Hiccup, or join forces with Astrid Hofferson and her dragon Stormfly and defend the Isle of Berk from invading enemies and unwanted guests. On the other hand you could turn to the dark side and become allies with Drago and Thunderclaw as they plan to take over the world?


Dragons Armaments Toy Range

Team up with these famous faces and join in the battle to save Berk Island. Help Gobber the Belch and his friends to defend their home (the Island of Berk) from invading enemies. Join Eret on his important mission to capture misbehaving dragons that are running amuck in Berk, and in your Playmobil world. Each set comes with an iconic DreamWorks Dragons character and a defensive weapon. 


Playmobil Dragons Berk Fortress

Explore Berk, home to the well-known Hairy Hooligan Viking tribe, and all of its wonders with the Playmobil Berk Fortress set. Designed with a range of accessories and defensive mechanisms to stop invading enemies in their tracks. Special features also include an LED powered Viking statue, and a secret trap door to move around the island quietly and out of sight.


Drago’s Ship

Sail across the deep blue sea and search for dragons with Drago and company. This lightweight ship has been designed to float above water, making bath time even more fun! Complete with a dragon cage and two rotating cross bows that fire flaming arrows.


So what are you waiting for? Choose your dragon and rider and let your imagination soar!


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Each set comes with at least one Dragons Playmobil figure. Please see each individual product for information regarding age recommendations and product information.

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