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Playmobil City Action Toy Range

Playmobil City Action Toy Range

Playmobil City Action


Keep your city in tip-top condition and your Playmobil characters safe within your Playmobil city, with the Playmobil City Action range. This particular range features heavy-duty machinery and modern aircraft.


Passenger Plane Toy Set

Fly above the clouds and off to your favourite destination with the captain and stewardess in the Passenger Plane set. This modern aeroplane features a removable roof, seven seats for seven Playmobil passengers, operating steps and a compartment for luggage. The Passenger Plane set also includes two Playmobil figures and refreshment accessories. Designed to pair up with the “Aircraft Tug with Ground Crew” Playmobil set.


Rubble Excavator

Remove any unwanted rubble from your city with the Playmobil Rubble Excavator. This hard-working machine is perfect for moving chippings and small stones from one location to the other, with its rotating wheels, 360° swivelling shovel, and two detachable supporting feet. This set also includes one Playmobil character with health and safety equipment (hard hat, jacket etc.) and two working tools.


Flatbed Workman’s Truck

Built for carrying sand and rubble, the Flatbed Workman’s Truck has been designed with a detachable tilting container for shifting materials. Special features include a large tool box, working tools, one Playmobil character and a removable roof.


Satellite Meteoroid Laser

Put on your space helmet and fly high above your Playmobil world’s ozone layer in search of threatening meteoroids and other unwanted guests. The spaceship has been designed to transform into a satellite to help track down and blast boulders to smithereens. Complete with one Playmobil astronaut, an exploding meteoroid, and a defensive space weapon.


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Please see each individual product for information regarding age recommendations and product information. If you have any questions about Playmobil figures and accessories in the City Action range, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01432 377089, where a member of our Customer Service team will be on standby to lend a helping hand. 

Or if you are in the Herefordshire area then why not pop into our Widemarsh Street store and speak to a member of staff?

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