Playmobil Toys

Playmobil Toys

Playmo-Friends Toy Range
  • Personalise your Playmobil world.
  • Collectable figures.
  • Unique characters & accessories
Playmobil 1 2 3 Range Toys
  • Larger pieces of Playmobil for younger children.
  • Colour fast toys.
  • Promotes education
from £3.95
Playmobil Duo Pack Toy Range
  • Set of two original Playmobil figures.
  • Unique accessories.
  • Magical and royal figures
from £3.95
Playmobil Egyptian Troop and Ballista
  • X3 fire arrows.
  • Transportable ballista.
  • Suitable for kids aged 6-12 years
Playmobil Roman Chariot
  • Moving weapon wheels.
  • Removable horse harnesses.
  • Includes 2 chariot horses & 1 figure
Playmobil City Action Range Toys
  • Heavy Duty trucks.
  • Space Rockets and Aircraft.
  • Complete with Playmobil figures
from £14.95
Playmobil City Life Range Toys
  • Preschool activities.
  • Sunshine Preschool set.
  • Each set comes with at least 1 Playmobil figure
from £14.95
Playmobil Hawk Knights Battle Cannon
  • X2 Knights.
  • Fires cannon balls at castle walls.
  • Suitable for 4-10 year olds
Playmobil Fashion Girls Take Along Fashion Boutique
  • Portable boutique.
  • 2 figures.
  • Contains clothes & accessories

Playmobil Figures and Accessories

Let your little ones dive into a world of imagination and adventure with Playmobil figurines and accessories. 

Playmobil first “came to life” in 1974 by creator Hans Beck. Since then these pocket-sized figures have sparked a whole new world of creativity and wonder for children. Playmobil is produced in Germany, where approximately three billion figures have been created, along with 300 sets – Phew, you would need a ginormous toy chest to store all of these!


Here’s Why Philip Morris & Son Love Playmobil:


Carefully Crafted:

Each idea for a new figure or scene is carefully drawn up by the Playmobil designers. Once the designing process has been completed a prototype of the product will be made with great care and attention within their workshop. Whilst processing, they are constantly altering models by chiselling and reshaping them so that they are perfect to play with.


Award Winning:

Excellence isn’t compromised by aesthetics. Each Playmobil toy has been made from specially selected materials that are of the highest quality. Once a prototype of a set or figure has been made, they will then put each item through numerous tests to ensure the toys are safe for your little ones.



The importance of tools and toys within child’s play is extremely important, as it has been proven that they help your child’s brain and creativity to develop.

From character’s hands to devices within castles and vehicles, the majority of Playmobil toys have the ability to move. These fitting and fixtures are like little puzzles for your child’s mind to solve, which aids towards brain development and growing up. Thanks to Playmobil’s vast collection of themed sets and figures, i.e. firefighters, police officers, astronauts and boutique owners (the list goes on!), there is a possibility that they could inspire your children to follow a certain career path.


Hours of Fun:

Most importantly there are hours of fun to be had! In this magical world you can do anything; defend your castle from invading enemies, fly the skies with your pet dragon, train to be a Ghostbuster, or become a royal princess and rule your very own kingdom.


If you have any questions about Playmobil figures and accessories then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01432 377089, where a member of our Customer Service team will be on standby to lend a helping hand. Or if you are in the Herefordshire area then why not pop into our Widemarsh Street store and talk to a member of staff? 


Enjoy creating your very own Playmobil world!

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