Jellycat Toys

Jellycat Puppy Makes Mischief BookNew item
  • Jellycat Childens Book.
  • Mischief Puppy Story.
  • 100% Paper Board, Suitable From Birth
Jellycat Fluffy Silver Bunny
  • Jellycat Pocket Pals.
  • Tiny, but cute animals.
  • Suitable from birth
Jellycat When I Am Big BookNew item
  • Jellycat Childrens Book.
  • Bunny Rabbit Story.
  • Suitable From Birth 
Fluffy BatNew item
  • Jellycat Fluffies.
  • Halloween Cuddly Toys.
  • Suitable From Birth
Jellycat Little Poppets Toy Animals 13cm Calf
  • Jellycats Poppets collection.
  • Small cuddly stuff toy animals.
  • The perfect companion for your child
Jellycat Farm Tails Book
  • Jellycat soft touch childrens book.
  • Discover what tails animals have.
  • Lots of tails to feel
Jellycat The Very Brave Lion BookNew item
  • Jellycat Book.
  • The Very Brave Lion.
  • Suitable From Birth
Medium Bashful Unicorn
  • Jellycat Bashful Unicorn soft toy.
  • Available in a selection of sizes.
  • Set off on a magical adventure
from £10.99
Jellycat Small Bashful Bunny Blush
  • Jellycat cuddly childrens toys.
  • Super soft, stuffed animals.
  • High quality materials for extra fluffiness.
from £10.99
Inky Octopus Tiny and Medium
  • Inky Octopus Toy.
  • Blue-Black sea creature.
  • 8 long, dangly tentacles
from £11.95
Small Bashful Monkey
  • Jellycat soft plush toy.
  • A loveable toy suitable from birth.
  • Various animals to choose from
Jellycat Odell Octopus Toy
  • Odell the squishy Octopus.
  • 8 curly arms with corduroy.
  • Perfect cuddle buddy for any kid
from £11.99
BlueNew item
  • Jellycat Soft Toys.
  • Cuddly Wiggly Worm.
  • 3 Colours Available
Jellycat Yummy Animal Toys Lamb
  • Jellycat Yummy tiny toy animals.
  • Super soft and fluffy.
  • Suitable for children from birth
Jellycat Rumpus Bunny Toy Rattle
  • Little Jellycat soft toy rattle.
  • Lots of animals to choose from.
  • New-born friendly
Mini Messenger Puppy
  • Jellycat Mini Messenger Toy.
  • Give the gift of love.
  • Suitable from birth
PinkNew item
  • Jellycat Enchanting Coral Cuties.
  • Seahorse Soft Toys.
  • Available In 3 Colours
Jellycat Bobkin Reindeer Toy
  • Cuddly reindeer plush.
  • Suitable from birth.
  • A very merry reindeer
Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Animals 23cm Monkey
  • Fuddlewuddle childrens stuffed animals.
  • Fluffy super soft toy animals.
  • Newborn or young childrens gift
from £16.99
Jellycat 31cm Medium Bashful PoodleNew item
  • Jellycat Bashful Range.
  • Cuddly Poodle Toy.
  • Suitable For New Borns
Jellycat Bashful GorillaNew item
  • Jellycat Soft Toys.
  • Bashful Gorilla.
  • Suitable For New Borns
Jellycat Medium Bashful Koala
  • Soft cuddly kids toy animals.
  • Jellycats fluffy bashfuls collection.
  • Stuffed animals and magical beasts
Jellycat Medium Bashful Bunny 31cm Beige
  • Jellycat Medium Bashful Bunnies.
  • Super soft fluffy childrens toy.
  • Available in a range of colours
Jellycat Nocturne Bat Toy
  • Jellycat Bat plush.
  • Fuzzy grey fur.
  • Suitable from birth
Jellycat Nocturne Bush Baby Toy
  • Cuddly bush baby plush.
  • Big golden eyes.
  • Part of Jellycat's Little Legs collection
  • Jellycat Amuseable toys.
  • Fruit, Veg and Plants!
  • Quirky new additions to 2018
from £17.95
Jellycat Fancy Peacock Toy
  • Fancy Peacock Toy.
  • Dressed to Impress range.
  • Glittery gold crown and ballet pumps
Jellycat Cornelius Owl Toy
  • Jellycat Owl Toy.
  • Part of the Little Legs collection.
  • He's a real hoot!
Jellycat Gary Gecko Toy
  • Gary the Gecko.
  • Mottled, bobbly fur.
  • He's a cool reptile
from £18.95
Jellycat Colin Chameleon Toy
  • Multi-coloured chameleion toy.
  • Bobble plush texture.
  • A charismatic critter
from £18.99
Jellycat Terry Pterodactyl Toy 32cm
  • Jellycat Dinosaur Toy.
  • 100% Polyester.
  • Pre-historic softness
Cordy Roy Flamingo
  • Jellycat Cordy Roy animal toys.
  • Squidgy cordy soft touch.
  • Suitable from birth, perfect for cuddles
Toothy Mutt
  • Jellycats Toothy soft animal toy.
  • Quirky smile design.
  • Cuddly childrens toy suitable from birth
Medium Truffles Highland Cow
  • Jellycat Truffles Animals.
  • Tousled fur plush toys.
  • Be prepared for lots of fun
Flamingo FlapperNew item
  • Jellycat Soft Toys.
  • New Collection.
  • Suitable For 12 Months & Above
Jellycat Larry Lobster Toy
  • Larry the Lobster.
  • Shake, skuttle and roll.
  • Part of the Sea Creatures collection
Jellycat Mumbles Soft Toy Animals Panda
  • Super soft cuddly toy animals.
  • Jellycat Mumbles collection.
  • Suitable from birth
Jellycat Bashful Bunny Musical Star Pull
  • Baby lullaby toy,
  • 'Rock a Bye Baby' tune.
  • Features iconic bashful bunny
Tony Toucan
  • Fantastically fluffy animals toys.
  • Super soft and cuddly for young children.
  • Unique animal designs
from £22.99
Jellycat Stan StingrayNew item
  • Jellycat Soft Toy.
  • Cuddly Stan The Stingray.
  • Sutible From Birth
BearNew item
  • Jellycat Cuddly Toys.
  • Animal and Creatures Soft Toys.
  • Suitable For Newborns And Yong Children
Smudge Elephant
  • Jellycat Smudge Animals.
  • Super Softies.
  • Adorable children's toys
Shellbelle Millie
  • Jellycat Mermaid dolls.
  • Dive into an enchanted world.
  • 100% Polyester
Jellycat Bashful Ceramic Bowl, Cup And Plate SetNew item
  • Jellycat Bowl, Cup And Plate Set.
  • Bashful Animals Designs.
  • New Bone China.
Jellycat Herman HermitNew item
  • Jellycat Super Soft Toy.
  • Herman Hermit.
  • Cuddly Toy Sutiable From Birth
Jellycat Benjamin Bear Toy
  • Jellycat Benjamin Bear.
  • Bundle of Bears range.
  • A classic Children's toy
Jellycat Robbie Rooster Toy
  • Clucky robbie the rooster.
  • Part of Jellycat's big and bold collection.
  • Take him to a barn dance
Silver Large Bashful Bunny
  • Jellycat Bashful Bunny.
  • Large size.
  • Supersoft fur
Jellycat Skye Starfish Toy
  • Skye the Starfish.
  • Part of Sea Creature collection.
  • Get a hi-5 from Skye
Jellycat Luna UnicornNew item
  • Jellycat Unicorn Soft Toy.
  • Medium Or Large Sizes.
  • Suitable For 12 Months And Above
from £30.00
DinoNew item
  • Jellycat Pobblewobs Range.
  • Soft Animals & Creatures Toys.
  • Suitable From Birth
Jellycat Wilbur Whale Toy
  • Jellycat Wilbur the Whale.
  • Part of the Big & Bold collection.
  • Take a dip in the ocean!
Jellycat Slither Snake Toy
  • Jellycat Slither Snake.
  • Super springy body.
  • Big & Bold range
Jellycat Luscious LlamaNew item
  • Jellycat Cuddly Toys.
  • Llama Soft Toys.
  • Suitable For Ages 12 Months and Over
Jellycat Joey Giraffe Toy
  • Jellycat Big and Bold range.
  • Joey the Giraffe.
  • He's a lanky lovely
Jellycat Willie WalrusNew item
  • Jellycat Super Solf Toys.
  • Willie The Wallrus Cuddly Toy.
  • Suitable For Children Over 12 Months
Cottontail Huge Bashful Bunny
  • Jellycat Huge Bashful Bunny.
  • Supersoft rabbit.
  • Huge hugs all round
Jellycat Lexi Leopard Toy
  • Jellycat Big & Bold.
  • Lexi the Leopard.
  • The Purrrrfect cuddly toy
Tulip Really Big Bashful Bunny
  • Jellycat Really Big Bashful Bunny.
  • Plenty of big cuddles.
  • The iconic bashful bunny
Beige Very Big Bashful Bunny
  • The Biggest Bashful Bunny.
  • Iconic Jellycat toy.
  • Huge floppy ears


Jellycat is an organisation that takes pride in the fact it has revolutionised the cuddly toy industry. The excellent quality of their soft toys is simply impossible to match. Whether your favourite animal is a mouse or an elephant, a bird or a bear; Jellycat have tried their best to make every animal you could think of.

The history

Jellycat was established in London, in 1999. It rapidly grew to expand into the USA, Minneapolis to be precise, in 2001 where it quickly started to supply some of the finest department stores and boutiques in America. Since then, The company continued to grow even more; supplying more and more of Europe, Canada, Asia and you can now find them as far as Australia.

Fluffy balls of innovation

Originally, Jellycat saw themselves as a soft toy creator with a difference. It is still the aspiring idea of being so unusual that thrives them to carry on designing their fabulous designs, working with artists all over britain. They continue to produce qwerky and unique designs which are released twice a year in their new collections.