Board Games

We hold a large selection of board games in store; if you're looking for a specific game, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask for what you need.

Hasbro Connect 4
  • The classic grid connection game.
  • Match 4 coloured counters in a row to win.
  • The original Connect4 matching game
Frustration Board Game
  • Frustration! Board Game for 2-4 Players.
  • New Slam-O-Matic Feature and Genie Protector.
  • Hasbros MB Games, 14633
Hasbro Twister Game
  • Classic family challenge game.
  • Who can last the longest against the Twister.
  • A game involving flexibility and strength
Hasbro Operation Game
  • The classic family operation board game.
  • What items are in your patient?
  • Humerously exciting doctor surgery game
Hasbro Hungry Hippos Game
  • A classic childrens board game.
  • Chomp the most marbles to feed your hippos.
  • A fun, fast paced eating challenge
Hasbro Mousetrap Board Game
  • The original game that everyone loves.
  • Childrens fast paced board game.
  • Classic and exciting mousetrap

There are all types of board games that usually involve counters or pieces being moved across an illustrated material – or ‘board’. These games are exciting and enjoyable and can provide lots of family fun. Board games have slowly become less and less popular as technology has modernised and you can now play most of these on a computer, or games console, but you don’t get the same competitive engagement, or stimulation playing on a computer as you do a family game.

The History

 Most early board-games were based on battles between armies but modern board games tend to be more children friendly without the acts of violence. The more modern games are still pitting you against each other, but you usually try to gain points and get the winning position. Board games have been found as far back as 3100BC. This shows that even Egyptians had board games and are part of human tradition. Board games are about luck and strategy. Most modern board games need a lot of luck, but a specific few depend on the player’s skill level and if they are able to play the game with an advantage. Many games don’t take long to get the hang of and you could become a highly skilled player within a very small amount of time. Harder games like Scattergories require more play time to become a good player.

What has changed?

You have classics like ‘Scrabble’ or you have newer games like ‘Scattergories’. Although most of these games are very different, they all stem from the same thing; enjoyment. They have been past down through generations and generations, through thousands of years, but yet they are still here. They have a bigger range than ever before. Board-games are for when the power goes out and you have got no technology to rely on. They are for when you are waiting for a connecting flight so you play a quick game of ‘Frustration’. These will always be part of tradition – even in one hundred years time, when they are all holograms. They will still be there.

Our Idea

Here at Philip Morris we intend to give our customers the largest selection we can, to show that they are still here. In primary schools every child plays these games throughout the whole of their time there. People in high school still play them in tutor-time. As shown by history board games have been part of our lives for centuries and they will be centuries more. There are well over 25 different categories of board games. These can range from strategy to economical simulation. Even though a game might not have an actual board, or any material to play on at all, it may be adapted in the overall category. Board Games have become a very vast category. We know that they are needed so they are here to stay.