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  • Denby Halo Dinner Plate
  • Denby Halo Large Mug
  • Denby Halo Medium Plate
  • Denby Halo Oval Platter
  • Denby Halo Pasta Bowl
  • Denby Halo Small Mug
  • Denby Halo Speckle 16 Piece Tableware Set
  • Denby Halo Speckle Coupe Cereal Bowl
  • Denby Halo Speckle Coupe Dinner Plate
  • Denby Halo Speckle Large Mug
  • Denby Halo Speckle Medium Coupe Plate
  • Denby Halo Speckle Pasta Bowl
  • Denby Halo Tea Plate
  • Denby Halo Tea Saucer
  • Denby Halo Teacup
  • Denby Halo/Praline Large Glass Tumbler
  • Denby Halo/Praline Red Wine Glass
  • Denby Halo/Praline Small Glass Tumbler
  • Denby Halo/Praline White Wine Glass
  • Denby Hand Decorated Large Mug
  • Denby Heritage Large Shallow Bowl
  • Denby Imperial Blue 16 Piece Dinner Set
  • Denby Imperial Blue Cereal Bowl
  • Denby Imperial Blue Coffee Beaker Mug
  • Denby Imperial Blue Red Wine Glass Set of 2
  • Denby Imperial Blue Small Tumbler Set Of 2
  • Denby Imperial Blue Tea Plate
  • Denby Imperial Blue Tea Saucer
  • Denby Imperial Blue White Wine Glass
  • Denby Intro 12 Piece Tableware Set
  • Denby James Martin Everyday Salad Plate
  • Denby James Martin Everyday Soup / Cereal Bowl
  • Denby Jet Black Cereal Bowl
  • Denby Jet Black Dinner Plate
  • Denby Jet Black Salad Plate
  • Denby Jet Black Small Curve Mug

Denby's handcrafted stoneware is made from the strongest Derbyshire clay. It is fully vitrified which gives extra strength, durability and chip resistance. We currently stock 15 Denby collections, all having a beautiful but totally unique glaze which each has its own secret recipe.

The Denby Pottery Company