End of Season Sale Spring Summer 2019


 Dartington Crystal

Dartington Six Crystal Highball Glasses
  • Crystal highball glasses.
  • Dartington crystal glassware.
  • Lead-free clarity
Was £36.00 NOW £18.00
Dartington Six Crystal Tumbler Glasses
  • Dartington crystal tumblers.
  • Crystal glass tumbler cups.
  • Lead-free crystal
Was £36.00 NOW £18.00
Dartington Gin Copa Packaging
  • Six classy gin copa glasses.
  • Crafted using lead free crystal.
  • Pefect for gin and tonic
Was £25.00 NOW £19.99
Dartington Six Crystal Champagne Flutes
  • Dartington crystal glassware.
  • 6 crystal champagne flutes.
  • 190ml capacity
Was £44.00 NOW £22.00
Dartington Six Red Wine Glasses
  • Large crystal wine glasses.
  • Generous 45cl capacity.
  • Strong and tough crystalware
Was £44.00 NOW £22.00
Dartington Six White Wine Glasses
  • 350ml capacity
  • Strong and tough
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Was £44.00 NOW £22.00

    Dartington Six Glassware

    The Dartington Six glassware collection is a range of 5 different glasses - red wine, white wine, champagne flute, highball and tumbler - which are all gift boxed in sets of 6 glasses. Each glass is made from lead-free high performance crystal which has brilliant clarity, superior strength and enhances your drinking experience. These great little sets are perfect for use all year round and will serve you well on all sorts of formal and informal occasions and celebrations. Each set comes in a stylish box and would make a great gift for a loved one - or as a treat for yourself!

    The Dartington Six tumbler is 8.8cm tall and has a 270ml capacity, great for soft drinks with plenty of room for ice! The Highball glass is 14.5cm tall and has a capacity of 390ml, perfect for a tall drink! The champagne flute is 22cm tall and has a capacity of 190ml, it can be used for Champagne, Prosecco or any sparkling wine. The white wine glass is 21cm tall and will hold up to 350ml whereas the red wine glass is slightly taller at 22.7cm and it has an extra large 650ml capacity for a generous glass of wine!

    The Dartington Six glassware range is manufactured in Poland, a country that is renowned for it's superior glass manufacturing industry. We check each set of glasses before dispatch, however if any of your glasses arrive in less-than-perfect condition please contact our customer services department and we can arrange to replace the whole set or to have individual glasses sent out to you.

    Care Guidelines For Your Dartington Crystal Glassware


  • Wash your glassware before use.
  • When washing glassware use warm soapy water and a lint-free cloth.
  • Rinse glassware with clear warm water.
  • Dartington Crystal can be used in the dishwasher if handled with care and using a low temperature washing cycle.
  • Dry with a soft cloth holding glasses by the bowl not the stem.
  • Avoid twisting the stems of your glassware during washing and drying.
  • If staining appears on any of your glassware, it can be removed with vinegar on a soft cloth, or soak in a solution of vinegar and water (50/50).
  • A mild abrasive such as rice or crushed eggshells can be used inside containers. Stand or store crystal stemware right side up to avoid damage to stemware rims.
  • Don't:

  • Expose glassware to rapid temperature changes, e.g. very hot oven or cold water.
  • Use glassware products in microwave or conventional oven or in a freezer.
  • Never stack one glass inside another.
  • Since 1967, Dartington has been creating inspired choices in crystal and glass for the home and to give as a gift. Many original Dartington glass makers were brought to Devon from Sweden, so it is no surprise that Dartington glass and crystal has an elegant, clean design style. It is Dartington's aim to make glassware that is admired but also used and enjoyed for many years. Today, Dartington is the last crystal factory remaining in the UK, and their crystal collection continues to be hand made at the Torrington factory (well worth a visit if you can!), set in the rolling hills of North Devon. Dartington also offers hand made glassware ranges which are designed in England and crafted to high standards by Polish or Slovakian manufacturers. Value for money and superior durability are also provided by selected machine made drinkware in lead free crystal.