Dartington Crystal

Dartington Gintuition Gin Triple Pack
  • Includes Copa glass, Martini glass and Highball.
  • Includes recipe / info booklet.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Was £27.00 NOW £15.00
    Dartington Three Cheers For Beers Glass Gift Pack
  • Includes pint glass, stout glass and lager glass.
  • Made from lead free crystal.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Was £27.00 NOW £15.00
    Dartington Brew Craft Stout And Strong Glass
  • 4 different glasses to choose from.
  • Specifically shaped to enhance flavours.
  • Hand crafted
  • £17.00
    Dartington Zest Carafe & Tumbler Set
  • Includes carafe and two tumblers.
  • Handmade glass.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Was £40.00 NOW £25.00

    Other Dartington Glassware

    This department includes smaller Dartington glassware collections such as Shine On, Triple Packs, Prosecco Party, Just The One and other giftware items. 

    The Shine On range includes red wine glasses, white wine glasses and tumblers which all come in a set of 4 and include a free pack of Finish dishwasher tablets. These glasses have been specifically designed for dishwasher use. The wine glasses have shorter stems and each glass has a bowl that has been shaped to provide space between each glass when in the dishwasher to avoid scratching. 

    The Prosecco Party Pack is a gift boxed set of 6 Prosecco glasses. Prosecco really is the drink of the moment, but these glasses can be used for all sprakling wines and have been shaped to enhance the flavour of the drink. This is the perfect gift for a Prosecco lover, just don't forget to give a bottle to go with it!

    The Just The One range is a brilliant go-to gift for stocking fillers and Secret Santa's. These oversized glasses are gift boxed and includes the brilliant wine glass that will hold a full bottle of wine. New to the Just The One range is a pint glass, champagne / Prosecco flute and the fantastic Copa glass for G&T!

    Dartington's innovative Triple Packs include Three Cheers For Beers, Gintuition, Fizz Time, Wine Time and Triple Tipple. These packs include 3 different glasses which are designed for specific drinks, for example the Gintuition set includes a Copa glass, Martini glass and a highball - perfect for the gin lover to experiment with! Each pack also includes a booklet with information about the drink and recipes to try at home.

    The Wine Master glassware collection has been developed by experts to enhance the flavours of the world’s most popular wines and they are the perfect choice for wine enthusiasts. The Wine Master collection is handmade in the UK.

    Also included in this department is a selection of Dartington giftware items such as the Drink In, Take Out set which features a pair of glasses and a hip flask, a selection of crystal glass tankards and the colourful Shimmer and Spangle glassware sets.

    Care Guidelines For Your Crystal And Glassware


    • Wash your glassware before use.
    • When washing glassware use warm soapy water and a lint-free cloth.
    • Rinse glassware with clear warm water.
    • Dartington Crystal can be used in the dishwasher if handled with care and using a low temperature washing cycle.
    • Dry with a soft cloth holding glasses by the bowl not the stem.
    • Avoid twisting the stems of your glassware during washing and drying.
    • If staining appears on any of your glassware, it can be removed with vinegar on a soft cloth, or soak in a solution of vinegar and water (50/50). A mild abrasive such as rice or crushed eggshells can be used inside containers. Stand or store crystal stemware right side up to avoid damage to stemware rims.
    • Use wooden spoons with glass / crystal serving bowls to avoid chipping.
    • Dartington Crystal recommend using Finish detergent for dishwasher use.
    • Larger heavy items should always be washed by hand.



    • Expose glassware to rapid temperature changes, e.g. very hot oven or cold water.
    • Use glassware products in microwave or conventional oven or in a freezer.
    • Never stack one glass inside another.

    Since 1967, Dartington has created inspired choices in crystal and glass for the home and to be given as a gift. Many original Dartington glassware and crystal makers were brought to Devon from Sweden, so it is no surprise that Dartington glass and crystal has an elegant, clean design style. It is Dartington's aim to make glassware that is admired but also used and enjoyed for many years. Today, Dartington is the only crystal factory remaining in the UK, and their crystal collection continues to be hand made at the Torrington factory (well worth a visit if you can!), set in the rolling hills of North Devon. Dartington also offers hand made glassware collections which are designed in England and crafted to high standards by Polish or Slovakian manufacturers. Value for money and superior durability are also provided by selected machine made drinkware in lead free crystal.