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About the company

For over 100 years Antler have been creating things to help you carry the items you love. Year on year they add fresh new ranges to their classic collections to ensure that customers have access to stylish yet functional products, and this year is no different. In these pages you can find a wide selection of cases, bags, backpacks and holdalls in a wide variety of styles, sizes, colours and materials.

History of the brand

In 1914, the son of a leather maker called Boultbee recognised the growing potential in the passenger luggage market. To differentiate it from his father’s business, he adopted a stags head and antler as a brand symbol for this line, and Antler was born! They invented the first soft top suitcases in the 1930’s, but after the Second World War was declared in 1939 they shifted their focus to producing equipment for the war effort.

It was in the post war air travel boom that the company began to really establish themselves as a worldwide, luxury brand. Continued innovation meant that they were always at the forefront of new technological innovations – for instance the ‘Airstream’ combined soft and hard fabrics in one suitcase. Even at the end of the 20th century they played a key part in the roller case revolution.

Nowadays Antler are the luggage brand for quality, strength and innovation. The company is not content to rest upon its laurels, and continues to create new products that take some of the stress out of travelling.

Quality is assured

Antler are proud of the fact that each case, bag, backpack and iem of luggage is made of the finest materials, by expert craftsmen to top quality manufacturing standards. To ensure that this level of quality is always met, all products undergo a rigourous testing programme to check that they will keep you belongings safe and secure through even the most strenuous of journeys. Each range undergoes a number of tests, and if successfully completed they are signed off by the expert team of assessors ready for their first journey into stores.

These tests include:

Rolling road - The product is subject to a mixed terrain rolling road for five hours, at a constant speed of 5km/h.
Vibration test - Designed to stimulate the vibration of the wheel in use, it is put through 2,500 cycles.
Drop test - The product is dropped twice from a height on to each of its corners.