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Maglite Torches C Cell Flashlights

Maglite Torches C Cell Flashlights

What is Maglite?

A Mag-Lite is designed tough enough to last a lifetime, whilst at the same time offering a truly balanced efficient lighting system. After years of research and tests, Anthony Maglica produced the Maglite which took the world by storm and change the classic idea of unreliable torches into its own and created a life lasting and reliable torch. This is precisely why more police, security, emergency, medical, fire professionals around the world have come to rely on Mag-Lite flashlights. A Maglite can come in many different sizes. Whether you want one of your holster or to keep in the kitchen cupboard, Maglite torches are a lifestyle based product and thought of specially for specific reasons.

The Mag-Lite® C-Cell flashlight embodies the same precise balance of refined optics, efficient power, durability and quality as the D-Cell Flashlights in a smaller, lighter weight design. Each Mag-Lite® C-Cell flashlight includes two high intensity White Star® Krypton Gas Lamps for enhanced brilliance and extended range.

Our Range

Our C-cell torches, all made of machine anodised aluminium, all require different amount of C-cell batteries. They will either require 2, 3 or 4 batteries adding to the battery life and not the overall performance of the torch. The tail cap will contain a spare bulb. The torch is also protected by a lifetime guarantee.

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