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Hand Held Hunting Lamps

LED Sport 150 Rechargeable
Free UK delivery
  • The latest LED bulb technology.
  • Weatherproof 500m hunting lamp.
  • Includes red lamp filter
from £49.95
Clulite Long Range Pistol Grip Light
Free UK delivery
  • Ergonomic pistol grip style hunting light.
  • Handheld shooting lamp.
  • High powered rechargeable battery
Clulite Clu-Briter Shooting Lamp Green
Free UK delivery
  • High powered shooting lamp.
  • Multi-function light beam settings.
  • Up to 20 hours of use on low beam
Clulite Rechargeable Pistol Light
Free UK delivery
  • Rechargeable LED shooting light.
  • Ergonomic pistol grip style lamp.
  • Light beam reaches up to 400m
Clulite Super Bright LED Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Powerful LED gunlight.
  • Super bright 125m spotlight beam.
  • Push button and universal scope mount included
Tracer 12v Sport Light TR2100
Free UK delivery
  • Available with 210mm, 170mm and 140mm reflectors.
  • High impact Lexan Lens.
  • Idea hunting fixed or variable power lamps
from £69.95
LEDray IR Torch
Free UK delivery
  • The Latest LED IR Technology.
  • Adjustable torch beam.
  • 400m capabilities
LightforceStubby Work Light
Free UK delivery
  • Reliable 30w sealed halogen beam
  • Suction, magnetic or bolt-on base.
  • Easy to mount
Clulite Pro Scanner 1000 LED Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Lightweight wide beam LED gunlight.
  • High powered, rechargeable battery.
  • Light beam reaches up to 300m
Clulite Red Eye Mounted Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Gun mounted shooting light.
  • Tinted red filtered LED lamp
  • Powerful 200 metre spotlight beam
Clulite Mini Laser LED Gunlight
Free UK delivery
  • Super bright 1000 lumens LED light.
  • Powerful light beam reaches up to 400m.
  • High powered gun mounted lamp
Clulite Trio Pro LED Gunlight Package
Free UK delivery
  • Powerful gun mounted shooting lights.
  • Interchangeable filtered LED bulbs.
  • Rechargeable battery
Tracer Tri-Star Dual Power Kit
Free UK delivery
  • Available with Variable or Dual Power.
  • Spot Beam.
  • Compact Lithium Batteries, mains charger included
from £129.95

What we have

Hand held hunting lamps and accessories from Deben, Tracer and Lightforce. Professional high power hand held hunting lamps ideal for a wide range of activities such as hunting, observing wildlife, security and surveillance. Accessories for hand held hunting lamps include; coloured filters, chargers, replacement batteries and bulbs. Our range of hand held hunting lamps shows a wide variation of what is available and has a good learning curve for upgrading to new lamps.

Why have a handheld lamp?

Handheld lamps are usually used by teams of hunters that have assigned roles to each other (spotter, shooter). Handheld lamps will usually be either more powerful or have a better technical element then gun mounted lamps. Handheld lamps make it easier for a team to search for the game as it as they can have a bigger, and sometimes adjustable beam which allows you to change it how you want to. We have a new range of Tracer out which have LED bulbs which are high quality and will not burn out. If you have any questions that you would like to ask then pop in store or contact us to speak to our shooting experts.