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Hunting Lamp Accessories

Clulite A67 Filter Set for MG125
  • Clulite A67 coloured filters set.
  • Additional gunlight filters for MG125.
  • Adjust beam for situation
Clulite A74 Filter Set for GL17 Gunlight
  • Coloured filter set for GL17.
  • Red, amber and green filters.
  • Adjust shooting lamp colour
Clulite A69 Filter Set for PLR-400 Gunlight
  • Clulite coloured filter set.
  • Filter mounting bracket included.
  • Red, yellow and amber filters

Hunting Accessories

Deben offer a range of accessories to enhance and optimise your lamps performance. Filters are useful in a variety of conditions, a red filter is most popular for foxing and rabbit lamping, an amber filter is also good for foxing but is excellent in foggy conditions and an Infra Red filter is is ideal for use with night vision. Switches, swivel mounts and dimmers are an excellent addition to your lamp and batteries and bulbs are always essential.

Our Accessories

Here at Philip Morris we intend to supply hunters with the things they might need to improve their game. Our accessories will be able to help these shooters become the best they can be. We stock lamp filters, torch-to-scope mounts, spare batteries, and ergonomic grips. Our lamp filters will give you the edge once you have found your preference. They allow the hunter to become more efficient with their light beam as a filter can mask the light to not scare animals, and can enhance your sight if you have bad eyesight. Our scope mounts for the torches we have allow shooters to quickly detach their scope if needed, and it can just click back into place. This allows quick access to a light source when needed if you don't want to put a gun in that direction. Spare batteries obviously allow a hunter to quickly regain a source of light if their battery runs out.