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Lamps and Accessories

Why use a lamp?

Lamps are usually used in the act of lamping (a.k.a spotlighting). The lamps are usually used by a either a team or a solo shooter. Teams are usually made up of a driver/spotter and a shooter. The spotter will use the lamp on a concentrated beam to scan the countryside and look for animals. You need to look for the shine of the animals eyes. This is a big give away, and can be the difference between getting the prize and losing it.

Deben's Tracer Lamps

Hunting lamps from Deben can be scope mounted or used as a torch. Deben's extreme performance lights have been built to the highest standards utilizing the latest LED technology they offer. The ultimate brightness with frugal battery drain. Accessories such as battery packs and colour filters are available to enhance the efficiency of the lamp.


With more than 25 years experience, Lightforce have manufactured lights with sporting enthusiasts in mind. Lightforce is now a company that leads in selling lights for shooting. Keeping the shooter in mind, they decided to create a gun mounted light that would allow the marksman to have a hands-free light. These lights would enable a shooter to keep his precision whilst having a strong enough light pointed where he needs it.


Hunting lamps usually have a few different accessories that can be used to upgrade them. Tracer sell lamp filters that can make it easier to see animals, and will not scare them off if shone past them. Filters on lamps are all down to opinion as some people tend to see better in certain light; others have opinions that certain light is better to see eyes anyway. Also gun mounts for your light to become an attachment on the gun.

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