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Energizer 1.5V LR44 / A76
  • High quality.
  • Used for calculators and small toys.
  • Batteries are disposable
Energizer 3V Single Lithium Battery
  • Used for calculators and watches.
  • Useable for up to eight years.
  • Temperature tolerant
Deben Hunting Lamp Replacement Battery
  • 2 replacement batteries.
  • For Tracer hunting lamps.
  • 1300 mAh, 3 volt lithium
Was £4.95 NOW £3.25
Duracell Plus AA 2 pack
  • 2 AA 1.5V LR6 alkaline Batteries.
  • Plus technology for longer lasting life.
  • Colour coded for easy battery selection.
Duracell Plus Power AAA 4 Pack
  • 4 pack of AAA alkaline batteries.
  • 1.5V Plus power for more battery life.
  • Duralock technology for long life.
Duracell Plus Power AA 4 Pack
  • Long Lasting Plus Power.
  • Duralock technology to last up to ten years.
  • Pack of four alkaline AA batteries.
Deben Replacement Battery bag
  • Replacement bag for Tracer batteries
  • Several sizes available.
  • Snug fitting
Deben Lithium Ion Battery Pack BP2540
Free UK delivery
  • Green and black shock absorbing case.
  • Power stays constant for longer.
  • Lightweight
from £139.95

Our range of batteries

A small department dedicated to batteries for all our torches and lamps - including duracell and energizer retail batteries.