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Jack Pyke LLCS Range

Jack Pyke LLCS Range

Jack Pyke LLCS Leaves English Oak
  • Nylon camouflage leaves.
  • 5 strips of taffeta leaves. 
  • Hunting and shooting camouflage
Jack Pyke Camouflage Baseball Cap English Oak
  • Jack Pyke cap, ideal for pigeon shooting.
  • One size fits all.
  • Hunting camouflage pattern
Jack Pyke LLCS Camouflage Boonie English Oak
  • Jack Pyke Hat for pigeon shooting.
  • Realistic polyester leaves.
  • Nylon face & neck veil
Jack Pyke LLCS Balaclava English Oak
  • Hunting and shooting LLCS balaclava.
  • Complete headover face cover.
  • Face veil can be worn up or down
Jack Pyke LLCS Gloves English Oak
  • Hunting and shooting gloves.
  • Lycra glove with taffeta leaves.
  • Camouflage pair of gloves 
Jack Pyke LLCS Rucksack Cover English Woodland
  • LLCS rucksack cover.
  • Camouflage cover for bagpacks up to 65L.
  • Hunting and shooting bag cover
Jack Pyke LLCS Ghillie Suit English Oak
Free UK delivery
  • Full concealment camouflage suit. 
  • Hunting suit from LLCS range.
  • Zipped top, hood and trousers

Jack Pyke LLCS Range | Philip Morris & Son


Here you can browse through products of the LLCS range from Jack Pyke of England.

The Light Leaf Concealment System (LLCS) is a realistic range of camouflage hunting and shooting clothing to provide you with total coverage when in the field. 

Each item in the range is made from lightweight materials which is paired with extremely realistic looking nylon taffeta leaves, making this range a necessity for the modern shooter.  

Whilst the material is suitably durable it is also light and breathable, meaning it can be worn over most clothing. 

The centre piece of Jack Pyke's LLCS range is the LLCS Ghillie Suit which is a hooded suit with lightweight top and trousers, which can be effortlessly paired with the LLCS Balaclava and the LLCS Gloves