Jack Pyke Flying Decoy Cradle
  • Metal flying cradle for bird decoys.
  • Props birds up in a flight position.
  • Featuring a clamp fixing
Jack Pyke Steel Pigeon Cradle
  • Welded steel pigeon cradle.
  • Grey Jack Pyke steel bird cradle.
  • Holds a pigeon decoy in the air
Jack Pyke Lightweight Shell Pigeon Decoy
  • Stackable plastic pigeons.
  • Lightweight shell decoys.
  • Sprung peg with realistic movement
Jack Pyke Magpie Decoy Wing Set
  • Magpie foam decoy wing set.
  • Two piece coloured wings.
  • Extra realism encourages real birds
Jack Pyke Shell Pigeon Decoy
  • Life like pigeon decoys.
  • Lightweight stackable shell decoy.
  • Sprung peg for realistic movement
Jack Pyke Pigeon Decoy Wing Set
  • Designed with a life-like appeal.
  • Made from shaped foam.
  • Comes in three pieces
Jack Pyke Steel Decoy Lofting Hook
  • Steel lofting hook for decoys.
  • Hold decoys 50cm from the ground.
  • Weighted hook with ground spike
Jack Pyke Flocked Crow Shell Decoy
  • Flocked realistic shell decoy.
  • Lightweight and stackable.
  • Includes sprung peg
Jack Pyke Pigeon Full Body Decoy
  • Realistic flocking and colouring.
  • Durable peg mounting point.
  • Encourage real birds to the area
Jack Pyke Flocked Crow Full Body Decoy
  • True-to-life flocking and colouring.
  • Complete with legs and peg.
  • Superbly lightweight
Jack Pyke Flocked Magpie Decoy
  • Realistic textured magpie decoy.
  • Lightweight decoy with peg mount.
  • Attract or repel real birds
Jack Pyke Flying Pigeon Decoy Set
  • Long fibreglass decoy pole.
  • Jack Pyke flying pigeon decoy.
  • Realistic colouring and flocking
from £7.95
Jack Pyke Decoy Pegs Pack
  • Sprung decoy pegs for realistic movement.
  • Pack of 12 decoy pegs.
  • Solid mounting pegs for decoys
Jack Pyke Flocked Duck Decoys
  • Fully flocked life like duck decoys.
  • Realistic colour and posture.
  • Weighted with tie points
Jack Pyke Life Size Owl Decoy
  • Realistic plastic owl decoy.
  • Life size 41cm (16 inches) tall owl.
  • Accurate colouring and detail
Jack Pyke Flocked Flying Pigeon Decoy
  • Fully flocked plastic pigeon decoy.
  • Foam wings.
  • Holes either side to take to a cradle
Jack Pyke Super Floater Pole
  • Telescopic floater pole for decoys.
  • Extendable between 4ft and 7ft.
  • Solid metal 25cm ground spike

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