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Shooting Books

BASC Handbooks: Wildfowling
  • Introduction to Wildfowling
  • Colour photos throughout.
  • Hardback binding
  • £16.95
    The Keen Shot's Miscellany Book by Peter Holt
    • Humorous shooting entries.
    • Historic and present stories.
    • Hardback binding
    The BASC Handbook of Shooting
  • Introduction to the sporting shotgun
  • Colour throughout
  • Paperback
  • £18.95
    Breaking Clays
  • Guide to Clay Shooting.
  • Best tips and techniques.
  • Laminated copy
  • £19.95
    Pheasant Shooting By David Hudson
    • Comprehensive guide to the Pheasant shooting.
    • Guided advice for the reader.
    Rough Shooting - <I>M. Swan
    • Guide to principal species.
    • Also advice on guns and cartridges.
    • Choice of and training a gun dog
    The Instinctive Shot
    • Become a better game shooter.
    • Step-by-step guide.
    • Advice for a precision shot
    The Great Shoots Book by Brian P Martin
    • History of sporting literature.
    • Rare insight into the social side of shooting.
    The Sporting Rifle
    • Detailed analysis of rifle sport.
    • Essential guide for the novice shooter.
    Grouse Shooting Book An Artists' Impressions
    • Grouse Shooting Book An Artist's Impressions.
    • Colour throughout.
    • Hardback.
    • Pages : 152.

    A range of shooting books full of essential information designed to help your performance in the shooting field. All packed with pages of top tips and professional advice on guns and cartridges, and the choice and training of a gundog.