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Wire Brushes

Bisley Rifle Phosphor Bronze Brush
  • Bronze brush for gun cleaning.
  • Will not damage the bore.
  • Essential for any gun cleaning kit
Bisley Shotgun Phosphor Bronze brushes
  • Shotgun cleaning bronze brush.
  • Essential for any cleaning kit.
  • Will not damage the bore
Bisley Payne Galway Brushes
  • Deluxe cleaning brush available in 12 or 20g.
  • Ultimate close-wired brush.
  • Brass ferrule

Gun Cleaning Wire Brushes

Wire brushes are attached to the end of a rifle rod and are used to remove all the deposits and rust that build up in the barrel of your gun, a clean barrel will result in a more accurate and sure shot. Available for rifles and shotguns, in several gauges.