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Gunslips and Cartridge Bags

Gunslips, Cartridge Bags and Accessories

Here at Philip Morris & Son we sell gun slips and gun cases from renowned companies such as Deben, Musto and Beretta. This range includes leather, canvas and nylon gun slips and hard-cases for pistols, rifles and shotguns. There is no safer way to transport and store your firearm.

Why use a gun slip?

Having a bag to carry your gun in isn't the only reason they are there. In the UK it is illegal to have possession of a firearm in a public place, or a place without permission, outside of a gun bag. As well as being in style with maybe a leather slip or solid gun case, you'll be legal and safe as well.

What we do

More and more people are becoming enthusiasts in shooting, whether it’s game or sport. Knowing the statistics helps provide stock that our customers want and therefore giving them everything they need to carry on their hobby. However, you may be an experienced shooter; you know what you want and how to find it. Our shooting staff at Philip Morris are experts in the field and know everything they need to about our stock. They can recommend rookie and veteran shooters the new equipment because there are new items available all the time.

What we have

We currently have a majority of Beretta and Deben slips and cases. We have many different styles of slips that are multiple lengths. We have zipped bags, or flap bags. Whether you are looking for the Retriever Range by Beretta, or Beretta’s gamekeeper range, we will be able to assist you even if we do not have these in stock. We stock multiple different brands in a variation of slips and cases because we know what people want. Most our soft cases are Beretta or other branded names, but all of our hard cases are from Deben. Deben do everything you could ask for – looking for a single rifle hard case that will protect and store your gun safely? Well we have the Deben SE Series Single. Looking for a case that could hold either your rifles or your shotguns? Then look towards the Deben ProMax PillarLock. Contact us or come in store to ask for more in our stock.