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Dog Training

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  • Acme 212 Protrailer Whistle
  • Acme 442 Combination Dog Whistle
  • Acme 643 Combination Dog Whistle
  • Acme Nickel Shepherds Mouth Whistle
  • Acme Plastic Dog Whistle

    Acme Plastic Dog Whistle

    £7.85 - £8.50
  • Acme Thunderer Nickel Whistle
  • Acme Thunderer Whistle 558

    Acme Thunderer Whistle 558

    £3.25 - £3.75
  • Bisley 1lb Advanced Dummy
  • Bisley 1lb Dog Training Dummy
  • Bisley 3mm Multicoloured Lanyard BIDL3RB
  • Bisley 3mm Multicoloured Lanyard Red BIDL3R
  • Bisley Dummy Launcher
  • Bisley Lucky Launcher 2 Dummy Launcher
  • Bisley Lucky Launcher Dummies
  • Bisley Natural Lanyard BIDLN
  • Bisley Red Plastic Dummy for Launcher
  • Bisley Spiral Dog Tether
  • Bisley Traditional Lanyard 3mm or 4mm
  • Dummy Launcher Blanks by Vawter
  • Joules Rubber Welly Dog Toy

Dog Training

What is it for

Gundog training need not be a troublesome and frustrating task with our great range of accessories, including training dummies to help teach retrieving skills, dog whistles which are easier for the animal to hear and a variety of leads and lanyards for control and comfort for both you and your companion. We stock what we believe are the most popular methods to train your hunting dog. Using dummies to train to fetch, whistles that they can hear very well, and specific hunting equipment you'll be able to train your dog to help do what needs to be done when asked upon.