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Pigeon Shooting Accessories

Jack Pyke Flying Decoy Cradle
  • Metal flying cradle for bird decoys.
  • Props birds up in a flight position.
  • Featuring a clamp fixing
Pigeon Cradle
  • Lifts the bird into a life like position.
  • Made from mild steel.
  • Ideal for pigeon or crow shooting
Was £4.95 NOW £3.95
Pigeon Shooting Face Veil
  • Ideal for stalking.
  • Full length face veil.
  • Mesh material to camouflage the face
  • £4.95
    Jack Pyke Steel Decoy Lofting Hook
    • Steel lofting hook for decoys.
    • Hold decoys 50cm from the ground.
    • Weighted hook with ground spike
    Jack Pyke Camouflage Baseball Cap English Oak
    • Jack Pyke cap, ideal for pigeon shooting.
    • One size fits all.
    • Hunting camouflage pattern
    Jack Pyke LLCS Camouflage Boonie English Oak
    • Jack Pyke Hat for pigeon shooting.
    • Realistic polyester leaves.
    • Nylon face & neck veil
    Jack Pyke Decoying Bag English Oak
    • Jack Pyke decoy bag, holding up to 120L. 
    • Great for pigeon shooting.
    • 12 month guarantee
    Jack Pyke Maxi Decoying Bag
    • Jack Pyke Decoy Bag, 120 litre capacity.
    • Made using 600D Cordura
    • Features 2 side pockets

    Camo nets, caps and veils in Realtree Camo with 3D photo realistic camo pattern and stamped out leaf design helps the pigeon hunter to remain undetected by his quarry. Also featured here is the Deben Outhouse Hide, also in Realtree Camo, for hunting and nature observation in comfort and with protection from the elements.

    Our items

    Here at Philip Morris & Son, we are looking to supply you with some of the best equipment to catch and kill pigeons. On the web we have camo boonie hats and baseball caps. We have outdoor camo screens for you to set up in a wooded area. Our stock also contains Jack Pyke Decoy Bags to hold all your equipment and accessories. This department also contains pigeon decoy arms and hide seats.

    This Department

    This is where we put all the products that are recommended when pigeon shooting or general hunting. We have this department because it gives the shooter the chance to hone their skills because they can gain an advantage from camoflague clothes, hide sheets, or hide seats. This gives the hunter a high chance of being hidden, and animals that he is hunting will not be as cautious if they can not see him, so they will show themselves more. If you want to find out more about our products give us a call or come in store and our experts will help you as much as they can.