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Bird Decoys

Crow and Rook Decoy
  • Complete with feet for self standing.
  • Ideal for crow decoying.
  • Realistic looking
Mallard Drake Decoy
  • Aqua keel design.
  • Ideal for duck decoying.
  • Measures 15 inches tail to beak
Mallard Hen Decoy
  • Lifelike Mallard Hen.
  • Aqua keel design.
  • Perfect for use in duck decoying
Sport Plast Magpie Decoy
  • Ideal for magpie decoying.
  • 15 inch model.
  • Realistic appearance
Defenders Falcon Decoy
  • Deters nuisance birds and animals.
  • Durable construction with integral base.
  • Anchor point for realism

Duck decoys are placed in a number about the hunting area by the hunter and they will encourage wild birds to land nearby, hopefully within the range of the concealed hunter's gun. The magpie and crow decoys will attract similar species towards the hunter's gun or a trap. Also available here is the Action Owl decoy, which acts as an effective deterrent against roosting birds with a wind activated rotating head and life-like eyes and colouring for maximum impact.

Decoy Use

Decoys are usually in the shape of a bird that is preyed upon. The decoys will be placed around, in the range of a concealed shooter. A predator will then become attracted to it, and the hidden person can shoot the animal before it realised the decoy is fake.

What we have

In this department we have other sorts of decoys that are not in a specific department and could have multiple uses. We have decoys such as ducks, owls, and crows. They are all designed to attract or scare off other birds. Our equipment is designed to put a shooter at the top of his game and always be one step ahead of anything else that could be near him. Come into the gunroom and speak to an expert on what to get, or call us and see if we can help.