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Bird Calls

Acme - Crow and Rook Call
  • Black whistle with a plastic tongue.
  • Produces the call of both young and old crows.
  • Easy to use decoy whistle
  • £6.25
    Acme - Duck, Teal and Widgeon Call
  • Multi-purpose call.
  • Creates Mallard, Teal & Widgeon calls.
  • Various behavior tones
  • £10.95
    Acme - Pigeon and Dove Call
  • Easy to use decoy whistle.
  • Instruction book included.
  • Produces familiar "coo-oo"
  • £19.95

    A range of mouth-blown and electronic animal calls, which are useful for hunters, wildlife enthusiasts and ornithologists wanting to entice animals and birds out from the undergrowth and into view. Pigeon, duck, fox, rabbit, goose and more are available from Philip Morris & Son.

    Why use a bird call?

    Bird calls are used to gain attention of other birds. Some calls will be to attract predators to your location and if there was an injured animal. So when you see it you can have the upper hand. Other bird calls are used to make a sound that birds of the same species will hear and think that it is a good thing. The bird will them go towards the sound, and you will be able to kill/capture it.

    What we have

    In our department we have a smalll range of ACME bird calls that imitate real bird calls to trick birds into showing themselves or trying to fly away. Our selection includes crow, duck and pigeon calls that will either attract birds, or willl frighten them hopefully towards your shooters where they can them shoot them. If you want to find out more then come into the gun room, or ring up and we will get one of our experts to assist you.