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Automatic Clay Traps

Bowman - Automatic Clay Trap SuperMatch One
  • Single stack auto clay trap.
  • 65 clay capacity.
  • Fast re-cocking time of 0.9 seconds
Bowman Automatic Clay Trap Supermatch 6
  • Holds up to 300 clays.
  • 1.5 second recock time.
  • 50m cable with push button release
Automatic Super Match 8 Clay Trap Left Side
  • Holds up to 400 clays.
  • Adjustable spring tension level.
  • 1.5 second recock time
Bowman Super Rabbit Chondel Auto Trap
  • 300 Clay Capacity.
  • Includes low profile barrow.
  • Two in one trap
Bowman Automatic Clay Trap Super Match Sporting Double
  • Powerful double throwing arm.  
  • 2 second recocking time.   
  • 400 Clay capacity

Bowman Clay Traps are suitable for all disciplines and provide easy and quick changes of a clay’s trajectory, absolute flexibility across the elevation to give maximum trajectory options, supreme quality casting aluminium bodies to absorb vibrations and reduce clay breakage and boast superior safety features including locking mechanisms.

Why Chose Bowman

Bowman traps are designed to perform and engineered to last. As a specialist clay trap manufacturer they have an intimate understanding of how they work and perform. Bowman have been established as a trap manufacturer for over 40 years and their aim is offer you the best shooting experience possible.

Bowman's automatic clay traps boast high-tensile/heavy duty aluminium castings, a 50 metre cable with button release for convenience and safety and hard wired circuitry and yellow guards for safety. The knife edge clay feed system for multi stack traps for offers outstanding performance. Supplied fully assembled and tested with a 3 year guarantee.