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Classic Canes Walking Sticks

Classic Canes Ladies Dark Beech Derby Cane
  • Length: 87-90cm
  • Derby handle offers excellent support
  • Curved handle prevents hand slipping
Classic Canes Folding Walking Stick Ash
  • Folding stick.
  • Burgundy derby handle & black shaft.
  • Adjustable to 5 different heights
from £19.95
Classic Canes Ash Crook Gents Walking Stick
  • 92cm Ash walking stick
  • Fitted with a metal ferrule.
  • Ash is a strong and durable wood
Classic Canes Farmers Manilla Cane Crook
  • Stouter at the ferrule end than at the handle.
  • With metal ferrule.
  • Overall height 92cm
Classic Canes Ladies Chestnut Crook
  • With 'milled' design around the collar area.
  • Overall height 92cm.
  • Non-slip black rubber ferrule
Classic Canes Mens Beech Derby Spiral Carving Cane
  • Distinctive spiral carved into the beech.
  • Overall height 92cm.
  • With rubber ferrule
Classic Canes Folding Elite Derby Cane Black Floral
  • Ladies folding walking stick.
  • Adjustable between 82-92cm.
  • Non-slip rubber ferrule
Classic Canes Ladies Light Beech Derby Cane
  • Length: 87-90cm.
  • Derby handle offers excellent support.
  • Curved handle prevents hand slipping
Classic Canes Brown Chestnut Thumbstick
  • Brown Chestnut Thumbstick.
  • Length: 122-135cm.
  • Made from coppiced chestnut
Classic Canes Derby Cane Red with Spots
  • Adjustable height between 77-100cm.
  • Non-slip rubber ferrule.
  • Derby handle provides good support
Classic Canes Patterned Derby Cane Autumn Gold
  • A very popular, everyday walking stick.
  • Fitted with a rubber ferrule.
  • Height 89cm
Classic Canes Slimline Chelsea Black and Pink
  • A variety of designs
  • Chelsea handled walking stick, pretty, slim and practical.
  • Height adjustable cane
Classic Canes Tea Party Adjustable Cane Red Floral
  • Patterned on handle and shaft.
  • Height adjustable between 77-100cm.
  • Non-slip rubber
Classic Canes Acrylic Derby Cane Modern Amethyst
  • Marbled amethyst colour handle.
  • Non-slip rubber ferrule.
  • Height 92cm
Union Jack Derby Cane
  • Height adjustable cane with Union Flag pattern.
  • Brass Collar and Derby Handle.
  • Non-slip rubber ferrule
Scorched Beechwood Derby Cane Extended
  • Ladies or gents versions available.
  • Scorched Beech derby handle and shaft.
  • Rubber ferrule
Classic Canes Black Labrador Walking Stick
  • Collector's cane featuring a Labrador.
  • Fitted with metal ferrule & collar.
  • Height 92cm
Classic Canes Cocker Spaniel Walking Stick
  • Collector's cane featuring a Cocker Spaniel.
  • With metal ferrule & collar.
  • Brown hardwood construction
Hazel Coppice Knob Stout Walking Stick
  • Hazel Coppice Walking Stick.
  • Fitted with a metal footer. 
  • Knob stout handle for palm comfort
Classic Canes Ash Coppice Knob Walking Stick Stout
  • Fitted with metal ferrule.
  • Grown by the manufacturer in Somerset.
  • Height 92cm
Classic Canes Ash Thumbstick
  • With a 'Combi-spike' ferrule.
  • Stick may be used on hard or soft ground.
  • Height between 122 - 135cm
Classic Canes Staghorn Crown Walking Stick
Free UK delivery
  • Hardwood shaft.
  • Gilt collar.
  • Made using natural horn, a by-product from farmed animals

Classic Canes

In the late 1970's a couple, Ben and Diana Porter moved in a woodland house in Somerset. They realised it had great potential and could start a business using the raw natural materials. A small production line then produced products for local shopkeepers who soon demanded a bigger range of stock. The company gradually expanded and now supplies many dealers with over 600 products in 40 different countries across the world. The company is still based in Somerset in the same house as the 70's with its workshops and offices in the surrounding woodland and is run by Bob and Diana's daughter Charlotte was appointed managing partner of the company in 2010.

Our Range

Walking sticks, thumbsticks and knobsticks are an indispensable accessory in the country, helping their owner up hill and down dale, through mud, brambles, nettles and uneven terrain. Classic Canes offer a great range of walking sticks and canes which also includes space-saving folding sticks and formal canes. All of the walking sticks in our range are designed for comfort to all ages, as well as being fashionable depending on the style you want.

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