Salter Slow Cook 10 Hour TimerItem on sale
  • Salter Cook Timer.
  • Count Up and Down Functions.
  • 15 Years Guarantee
Was £9.99 NOW £7.95
Salter Add and Weigh Kitchen Jug ScaleItem on sale
  • Add and Weigh Jug Style Scales.
  • 1.5 Litre Dishwasher safe bowl. 
  • 15 year guarantee
Was £14.99 NOW £9.95
Salter Compact Mechanical Scale
  • Magnifying lens for easy reading.
  • Fine resolution scale for higher accuracy.
  • Cushioned white mat for comfort
GreenItem on sale
  • Ultra slim weighing platform with different weight settings.
  • Tap start for reliability and accuracy
  • Easy to read display
Was £24.99 NOW £12.49
Salter Aquatronic Kitchen ScaleItem on sale
  • Simple sleek white kitchen scale.
  • Add and weigh function in the same bowl.
  • Aquatronic for liquids
Was £19.99 NOW £12.95
Salter Mono Electronic Digital Kitchen ScalesItem on sale
  • Salter Glass Digital Kitchen Scales.
  • LCD Display.
  • Easy Clean Glass Platform
Was £27.99 NOW £13.95
Salter Stainless Steel Aquatronic Electronic Digital Kitchen ScaleItem on sale
  • Stainless steel easy clean platform.
  • Easy read LCD desplay. 
  • Hanging hole for wall-mounting
Was £24.99 NOW £14.95
Salter Bathroom Analyser Ultra Slim Scales Silver
  • Ultra slim bathroom scales.
  • Measures weight plus body fat, body water and body mass index.
  • 8 user memory
Was £24.99 NOW £14.99
Salter Ultra Slim Analyser Bathroom Scale
  • Salter Ultra Slim Analyser Bathroom Scale.
  • Meausres Body Fat %, Body Water % and BMI.
  • LCD display
Was £24.99 NOW £14.99
Digital luggage scale in Black
  • Simple, small and lightweight design.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 40kg.
  • Black digital scales
Salter Ultimate Accuracy Electronic Scale
  • 50g increments for ultimate accuracy.
  • Toughened glass platform.
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Was £27.99 NOW £17.99
    Salter Compact Glass Electronic Bathroom Scale
    • Salter Electronic Bathroom Scale.
    • Compact toughened glass platform.
    • Easy to read LCD display.
    • Step on for instant weight reading.
    Salter Multi Weigh Scale 810

    2lt capacity shatter resistant bowl. weighs up to 4kg/9lb

    Salter Large Display Glass Electronic Bathroom Scales Black
    • Salter Bathroom Scale.
    • Large display for easy reading.
    • Carpet foot
    Salter Electric Salt and Pepper Mill
    • Electronic Salt and Pepper Mill.
    • Adjustable Grind Size.
    • Clear Acrylic body
    Salter Speedo Dial Mechanical Bathroom Scale
    • Easy to read full dial display.
    • Large platform for generous foot room.
    • 21 stone capacity
    Salter Glass Analyser Bathroom Scales Black
    • Salter Bathroom Scales.
    • Ultra slim platform.
    • Easy to read display
    Salter High Capacity Kitchen ScalesItem on sale
    • Stainless steel weighing scales with add & weigh function.
    • Aquatronic for measuring liquids.
    • Can weigh up to 10kg
    Was £44.99 NOW £23.95
    Salter Aquatronic Glass Electronic Digital ScalesItem on sale
    • Glass Digital Kitchen Scales.
    • Easy Read LCD Display.
    • 15 Years Guarantee
    Was £39.99 NOW £24.95
    Salter Kitchen Gift SetItem on sale
    • Salter Kichen Gift Set.
    • Features Scales, Timer and Thermometer. 
    • Easy To Read LCD Displays 
    Was £39.99 NOW £24.95