End of Season Sale Spring Summer 2019

Home Sale

Tired of searching for homeware products and having to one by one go through each brand? With our brand new sales department all of your favourite top brands are all together in one place making it very easy to find the best deals on cooking and dining ware and fireside and travel luggage.


Information about a few of our top brands

Antler: Antler are proud of the fact that each case, bag, backpack and item of luggage is made of the finest materials, by expert craftsmen to top quality manufacturing standards. To ensure that this level of quality is always met, all products undergo a rigourous testing programme to check that they will keep you belongings safe and secure through even the most strenuous of journeys. Each range undergoes a number of tests, and if successfully completed they are signed off by the expert team of assessors ready for their first journey into stores.


Denby: Denby's handcrafted stoneware is made from the strongest Derbyshire clay. It is fully vitrified which gives extra strength, durability and chip resistance. Each range has a beautiful but totally unique glaze which each has its own secret recipe.

Denby's iconic Imperial Blue collection features bright blues and crisp whites which give a bold and timeless feel. This celebrated range is 25 years in the making but it is still one of the most popular and enduring designs and shows no signs of going out of fashion.