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  • 500ml LocknLock Eco Ovenglass Square

    LocknLock Eco Ovenglass Square Container

    £5.99 - £7.49
  • 650ml LocknLock Eco Ovenglass Round

    LocknLock Eco Ovenglass Round Container

    £6.99 - £8.49
  • 630ml LocknLock Eco Ovenglass Rectangular

    Lock & Lock Eco Ovenglass Rectangular Container

    £7.49 - £16.49
  • 100ml LocknLock Round Container

    LocknLock Round Container

    £1.75 - £3.50
  • LocknLock Rectangular Container

    LocknLock Rectangular Container

    £2.00 - £23.99
  • LocknLock 7 Piece Container Set

LocknLock are renowned for their plastic tableware boxes and food containers. LocknLock is often referred to as LockLock or Lock & Lock. It is the same, it was rebranded to LocknLock in 2019. The plastic containers range has increased and cookware, thermal tumblers, vacuum bottles and heat resistant glass has been added. LocknLock gives you excellent durability that guarantees more than 3 million times of opening and closing with their patent 'Hinge' and 'Blocking hole' technology. The containers are scientifically designed for easy stacking both upward and side direction providing excellent space use.

LocknLock Containers