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  • The Fine Bedding Company Breathe Pillow
  • The Fine Bedding Company Spundown Pillow Protector
  • The Fine Bedding Company Luna Pillow


Fine Bedding Company pillows have a selection of synthetic and natural pillows in their range. Our collection includes feather and down pillows for luxury and softness, anti-allergy microfibre pillows and V-shaped support pillows. The Fine Bedding Company use their fantastic knowledge to create a firm pillow that will offer support and comfort-pillows for a blissful night of sleep.

The Fine Bedding Company Spundown pillow is one of the most popular Spundown pillow on the market today. A variety of designs, styles and materials such as natural or synthetic pillows are manufactured. Each of these have innovative properties and functions to ensure a happy and comfortable night's sleep. Natural pillows such as the Duck Feather Down or the Premium Goose Down pillow offer unbeatable warmth and softness whilst synthetic pillows such as the Boutique Silk, Breathe and Spundown pillow ranges offer a firm pillow for support as well as a medium for comfort and both with softness and washability.