Le Creuset 26cm Wooden Frying Pan Handle

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Don't give up on your beloved Le Creuset frying pan just because your handle has broken or become unusuable. A lot of people would jump straight to the conclusion that they need to buy a new frying pan completely when they don't need to. Instead you can buy an identical replacement from Le Creuset saving yourself a lot of money as well as your trusty frying pan companion. 

Key Features:

  • Replacement handle
  • For Le Creuset's wooden frying pan
  • Size: 26cm
  • Saves money 
  • Get more life out of your current frying pan


Manufacturer's Code:

  • 940038000




Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Wooden Handle Dimensions & Specifications:

Size: 26cm

Replacement handle for Le Creuset's wooden frying pan



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