Lafuma Towel For Recliners

(LFM2421) PM ref: 542060


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Lafuma have created a towel for your Lafuma recliner that is made of a moisture absorbent towel material. An embroidered logo gives it that edge with an attractive design and a brand you can be proud to own. It sits snug over the top of your recliner to avoid slipping and apart from adding extra comfort to your garden chair, you also get the canvas material protection for your recliner.


Key Features

  • Moisture absorbent towel material
  • Lafuma embroidered logo
  • Sits snug over the top of your recliner to avoid slipping
  • Adds extra comfort to your garden chair
  • Protects the canvas material on the recliner.


Please note that the XL towel is only available in Cream


Manufacturer's Code:

Standard size:

LFM1686, CREAM, 542060-0

LFM2421, PAPAGENO, 542060-2

LFM2421, OCEAN, 542060-3

LFM2421, CHOCOLAT, 542060-4

LFM2421, POTIRON, 542060-6


XL size:

LFM1687, CREAM, 851249

LFM2662, OCEAN, 943638-1


Size Guides / SpecificationLess

Lafuma recliner size guide

Standard size:

-   Fits all standard size Lafuma recliners (RSX, RSXA, Futura, R Clip, RS Clip)


XL size:

-   Fits all XL size Lafuma recliners



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