Openers and Corkscrews

Stellar Soft Touch NutcrackerItem on sale
  • Stellar soft touch kitchen gadget.
  • Easy to use nutcracker.
  • Perfect for cracking nut shells
Was £7.95 NOW £5.95
Brabantia Essential Can Opener With Plastic HandleItem on special offer
  • Essential Can Opener.
  • Sturdy plastic grip.
  • Stainless steel
Was £9.59 NOW £7.20
Brabantia Essential Can Opener With Metal Handle
  • Stainless steel.
  • Incluces bottle opener.
  • Metal hanging loop
Was £10.41 NOW £7.80
Brabantia Essential Universal Stainless Steel Opener
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sturdy plastic grip
  • Steel hanging loop
Was £8.33 NOW £7.95
Le Creuset Metal Foilcutter in Black Nickel
  • Cleanly removes foil with the turn of a wrist.
  • Matching items available.
  • Ergonomic design
Was £10.00 FROM £7.95
Stellar Soft Touch Deluxe CorkscrewItem on sale
  • Stellar modern deluxe corkscrew.
  • Cinc alloy construction.
  • Soft grip rubber for comfortable use
Was £12.00 NOW £7.95
Stellar Nutcacker and Bottle OpenerItem on sale
  • Stellar Nutcacker and Bottle Opener.
  • Sleek Satin Finish.
  • Zinc Alloy Composite
Was £15.00 NOW £9.95
Zyliss Safety Can Opener
  • Zyliss can opener.
  • Ultra safe design prevents sharp edges on open cans.
  • Non-slip rubber hand grip
Victorinox Knife Waiter
  • Designed for purpose.
  • Small, handy pocket knife.
  • Can opener with screwdriver & wire stripper
  • £15.99
    Waiter's Friend in Metal
    • Stainless steel screw, and lever.
    • Serrated blade foil cutter.
    • Bottle top opener
    Was £22.00 FROM £19.95
    Sparkling wine opener
    • Adds grip to help remove sparkling wine corks.
    • Push on and twist to remove.
    • Easy to clean
    Was £29.00 NOW £22.95
    Judge Electricals Can OpenerItem on sale
    Free UK delivery
    • 3 in 1 Can Opener.
    • Features knife sharpener and bottle opener.
    • 2 year warranty
    Was £37.00 NOW £24.95
    Le Creuset Activ-Ball Table Model and Foil Cutter Set Black
    • The perfect gift set for any wine enthusiast.
    • Activ-Ball design prevents having to pull.
    • Complete with foil cutter
    Was £45.00 NOW £35.95
    Wine accessories starter set
    Free UK delivery
    • Waiter's friend, wine pump, stoppers and pourers.
    • Perfect starter kit.
    • Compact gift set
    Was £55.00 NOW £43.95
    Wing lever corkscrew in Black Nickel
    Free UK delivery
    • Stylish black nickel cork-screw.
    • Matching items available.
    • Simple lever action
    Was £55.00 NOW £43.95
    Le Creuset Wine Accessories Gift Set Cerise
    Free UK delivery
    • 3 Piece Gift Set.
    • Designed to compliment the Cerise range.
    • Complete with gift box
    Was £60.00 NOW £47.95
    Le Creuset Activ-Ball Table Model and Foil Cutter Set Black Nickel
    Free UK delivery
    • Activ-Ball table Model and Plastic Foil Cutter.
    • Perfect gift set for any wine connoisseur.
    • Finished in Black Nickel
    Was £69.00 NOW £54.95
    Lever model corkscrew
    Free UK delivery
    • Removes natural / synthetic corks.
    • Includes foil cutter.
    • Black nickel
    Was £195.00 NOW £155.95

    A variety of easy-to-operate openers for bottles, cans and containers, all with stainless steel components for durability, efficiency and easy cleaning. Corkscrews are also available for uncorking your favourite white, red or rosé wine.