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Morphy Richards is a company that was founded in 1935 by Donal Morphy and Charles Richards. They both worked for an electrical fire company. Morphy was an engineer and Richards was a salesman so with their expertise they were able to create their own business. In 1936 they registered the new enterprise as a private company dealing with electrics, gas and radio as well as television equipment.

5 years later during the Second World War, the British government gave the company a contract to produce aircraft components. After realising the potential with expansion in different production areas, Morphy Richards merged with a company called Astral in Dundee who sold spin dryers and refrigerators.

The 1950's brought appliances further than anyone thought was possible. Irons were almost reinvented to create an impressive advancement. Mid 1950 saw the first ever heat-controlled steam and dry iron. It produced its own steam within its own boiler producing 25 minutes of steam ironing. The business soon changed hands in 1960-1963. Morphy sold his shares to EMI prompting a huge takeover and Richards became a lead role at GEC. The new managing director, Willis Roxburgh took charge and made an emphasis for large domestic appliances and opened a second factory in Dundee.

The 1970's was a big decade for BDA (Incorporating Hotpoint, GEC, and Morphy Richards) as they became the biggest electrical appliance manufacturer in the UK, producing a staggering £50 million turnover a year thanks to the 10,700 employees. 45 million products were said to be in homes across Britain which gives a figure of 2 on average per household. A couple of years later BDA grouped with Schreiber Furniture but still operated separately from the joint company and in 1975 BDA changed their name to Hotpoint.

Since the 1980's Morphy Richards has changed sites and factories due to flooding and expansion. Although this seems like a bad thing, this allowed them to produce more opportunities for themselves by building state of the art testing areas which were capable of testing products to the limit. They now produce durable products that perform to the best of their technologies to keep of with busy, modern life. Morphy Richards are the UK's leading small appliance brand and they intend to be innovating to keep that reputation.

Morphy Richards