Le Creuset Matte Collection

Le Creuset Coastal Blue Cookware Collection

Le Creuset Handle Glove Coastal Blue
  • Pot Handle Glove.
  • Heat, Steam and Stain resistant.
  • Nylon barrier between insulation layers
Le Creuset Stoneware Mug Coastal Blue
  • Soft blue with gradient colour.
  • Le Creuset stoneware mug.
  • Dishwasher safe
Le Creuset Double Oven Glove Coastal Blue
  • Coastal Blue Double Oven Glove.
  • Heat, Steam and Stain resistant.
  • Fully Machine Washable
Le Creuset Oven Mitt Coastal Blue
  • Le Creuset Oven Mitt.
  • Nylon barrier between insulation layers.
  • Heat, Steam and Stain resistant
Le Creuset Classic Pepper Mill Coastal Blue
  • Coastal Blue Pepper Mill.
  • Adjustable grinder options.
  • Compliment your kitchen well
Le Creuset Classic Salt Mill Coastal Blue
  • Le Creuset Salt Mill.
  • ABS Plastic Structure.
  • Matching Pepper Mill available.
Le Creuset Large Utensil Jar Coastal Blue
  • Volume of 2.3L.
  • Strong stoneware jar.
  • Perfect storage solution
Le Creuset Chefs Apron Coastal Blue
  • Le Creuset Chefs Apron.
  • Coincide with the Coastal Blue range.
  • Fully Machine Washable
Classic Teapot in Coastal Blue
  • Classic design.
  • Serves 4 people.
  • Easy to clean
Le Creuset Stoneware Grand Teapot Coastal Blue
  • Capacity of 1.3L.
  • Hard-wearing ceramic.
  • Dishwasher safe
Coffee Pot With Metal Press in Coastal Blue
  • Holds 0.75L of liquid.
  • Durable ceramic coffee pot.
  • 5 year guarantee
Le Creuset Oval Casserole 27cm Coastal Blue
Free UK delivery
  • Le Creuset Coastal Blue cast iron.
  • Super fast and even heating.
  • Lifetime guarantee
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