Cast in Style Clothes Airers and Housewares

Cast In Style Cast Iron Toasting Fork
  • Solid iron toasting fork.
  • Traditional rustic black finish.
  • 52cm handle with loop
Cast In Style Westie Dog Door Stop
  • Cast in Style door stop.
  • Cast iron life like Westie Terrier dog.
  • Gloss white finish
Cast In Style Cast Iron Heart Trivet Red
  • Durable cast iron trivet.
  • Attractive heart shaped design.
  • Surface protecting trivet
Cast In Style Cast Iron Stags Head Bell
  • Cast iron ringing bell.
  • Stags head ringing door bell.
  • Rustic rust effect finish
Cast In Style Sun Flower Trivet Powder Blue
  • Cast iron kitchen trivet.
  • Sun flower design.
  • Protect kitchen surfaces and tabletops
Cast In Style Scottie Dog Door Stop
  • Cast iron dog door stop.
  • Life like Scottish Terrier.
  • Traditional gloss black finish
Cast in Style Utensils Rack Shelf
  • Old fashioned utensils rack.
  • Practical butchers hook hangers.
  • Traditional cast iron
from £40.95
Cast In Style Cast Iron Beetle Boot Pull
  • Robust Cast iron boot pull.
  • Unique beetle home ornament.
  • Practical and sturdy design
Cast In Style Cast Iron Scroll Bell
  • Traditional cast iron bell.
  • Perfect to announce an arrival.
  • Simple bell for any entrance
Cast In Style Cast Iron Skillet
  • Low fat frying pan.
  • Tough cast iron frying skillet.
  • Even heat distribution
Cast In Style Watering Can Boot Brush
  • Cast iron rust effect finish.
  • Practical garden decoration.
  • Thick, durable brush bristles
Gismo 7 Lath Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer
  • Modern Kitchen Maid airer.
  • Strong kiln dried redwood.
  • Attractive cast iron
from £46.95
Brass Victorian Pully Washing Dryer
  • Pulley operated clothes dryer.
  • Dry clothing on 4 wooden lathes.
  • Colour choice
from £47.95
Cast In Style Wine Bottle Carrier with Handle
  • Single wine battle carrier.
  • Extendable handle.
  • Strong iron frame with wooden handle
Cast In Style Granite Pestle And Mortar
Free UK delivery
  • Hard wearing granite stone.
  • Large 20cm diameter.
  • Cooking enthusiast essentials
Cast In Style Cast Iron Sheep Doorstop
  • Cast iron animal doorstop.
  • Versatility ensures a great ornament.
  • 1.7kg anchor holds open heavy doors
Chrome Classic Kitchen Maid Clothes Dryer
Free UK delivery
  • Classic clothes dryer.
  • Dry clothes in small spaces.
  • Coloured pulley operated airer
from £52.95
Victorian Tri Lath Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer
  • Unique Victorian clothes airer.
  • Durable kiln dried redwood.
  • Cast iron metalwork
from £52.95
Cast in Style 8 Lath Kitchen Shelf Rack
Free UK delivery
  • Traditional cast iron brackets.
  • Hard wearing kiln dried redwood.
  • Modernised kitchen storage
from £55.95
Cast in Style Terrier Dog Door Stop
  • Cast iron Terrier door stop.
  • Cheeky cocking leg design.
  • 19cm cast iron dog door stop
Victorian Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer 5 Lathes
Free UK delivery
  • Traditional clothes airer.
  • Kiln dried redwood lathes.
  • Cast iron brackets
from £57.95
Cast In Style Prancing Pony Bell
  • Cast iron ringing bell.
  • Proud prancing pony design.
  • Perfect addition to a stable door
Cast In Style Horse Boot Jack Rack
Free UK delivery
  • Cast iron rust finish boot rack.
  • Durable thick bristle brush.
  • Beetle shaped boot pull
Victorian Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer 6 lath
Free UK delivery
  • Victorian cast iron metal.
  • Strong kiln dried redwood.
  • Old fashioned airer
from £60.95
Cast In Style Large Oval Trivet Black
  • Cast iron surface protector.
  • Large oval trivet.
  • Attractive glossy paint finish
Cast In Style Cast Iron Snail Boot Brush
  • Cast iron snail boot brush.
  • Durable, thick bristled brush.
  • Rust effect finish on cast iron metal
Cast In Style Coalbrookdale Original Door Stop
  • Traditional Coalbrookdale design.
  • Heavy cast iron door stop.
  • Cast in the 1800s
Cast In Style Cast Iron Snail Boot Pull
  • Cast iron snail boot pull.
  • Practical garden ornament.
  • Detailed gloss black finish
Cast In Style Heat Resistant Oval Trivet
  • Cast iron trivet.
  • Large oval surface protector.
  • Heat resistant powder coating
Victorian 7 Lathe Kitchen Clothes Airer
Free UK delivery
  • 7 lathe clothes dryer.
  • Hanging kitchen airer.
  • Quality cast iron brackets
from £65.95
Cast In Style Cast Iron Tagine
Free UK delivery
  • Enamelled cast iron base.
  • Authentic Moroccan inspired cookware.
  • Serves 2-3 people
Cast In Style Life Size Scottie Door Stop
  • Life size Scottish Terrier.
  • 4.4KG cast iron door stop.
  • Excellent decorative piece
Gismo 5 Lath Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer
  • FSC approved wood lathes.
  • Cast iron frame inserts.
  • Hanging clothes airer
from £72.95
Cast In Style Cast Iron Daschund Boot Scraper
  • Life like Dachshund dog ornament.
  • Cast iron boot scraper.
  • Dog lovers gift
Cast In Style Cast Iron Boot Scraper
  • Traditional boot scraper.
  • Robust cast iron weighing 7KG.
  • Removes mud and dirt off boots
Stacker Gismo Kitchen Maid Clothes Airer
Free UK delivery
  • Modern kitchen clothes airer.
  • FSC approved redwood lathes.
  • Cast iron brackets
from £90.95
Cast In Style 29 Wine Bottle Storage Rack
Free UK delivery
  • Wine bottle storage rack.
  • Holds up to 29 bottles.
  • Solid iron with antique black finish
Cast in Style Deluxe Chrome Kitchen Shelf
Free UK delivery
  • High quality kitchen shelving.
  • 5 hanging hooks for pots and pans.
  • Strong 90cm chrome rack
Cast in Style Hand Forged Flames Wine Rack
Free UK delivery
  • Hand forged Scottish steel.
  • Holds up to 7 wine bottles.
  • Unique flame wine rack design
Cast In Style Four Tier Saucepan Stand
Free UK delivery
  • Four tier saucepan stand.
  • Cast aluminium kitchen shelves.
  • Flat packed for home assembly

Cast in Style

Cast in Style produce high quality cast iron products, ranging from ceiling suspended clothes airers to surface protectors. As believers that everyone deserve high quality products, Cast in Style use the best methods and materials to create excellent products including protective trivets, coffee grinders and even replica dog doorstops. They have been creating quality cast iron goods for many years, providing traditional and vintage modern accessories to peoples homes.

Clothes Airers

Cast in Style pride themselves in using the finest quality materials to create exceptional clothes airers suspended from the ceiling using a rope pulley system. Most of the airers are created using traditional designs such as the Victorian airers, but CIS have also made some of their own designs providing a more modern twist to an otherwise traditional airing method. Using their well known cast iron methods to create durable brackets, they also use FSC approved kiln dried red wood for the lathes that create the base to hang your clothes on.


Cast in Style have also took it upon themselves to provide well-made cast iron housewares such as skillet frying pans, surface protecting trivets and fireside accessories. Their extensive fireside range includes log baskets, companion sets and fireguards. They also have a very large range of surface trivets, to protect your kitchen surface and tabletops from hot pans.