End of Season Sale Spring Summer 2019

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Brabantia Kitchen and Home

All of Brabantia's products are developed to retain their beauty and performance for up to 20 years. It is the promise of Brabantia products, it is the guarantee of the name: Brabantia, solid company. Philip Morris & Son are proud to offer a vast and varied ;selection of Brabantia products including postboxes, rotary washing lines, ironing boards, kitchen utensils, bins and much more.

Style your home with confidence with the latest season products in vibrant new colours. An assortment of coloured products smartly designed to make your life easier and help make those daily chores a pleasure. Brabantia is a leading brand in housewares and high quality products that your home deserves. Best selling products include the Pedal, Retro and Touch bins, which are available in a range of sizes. Stylish accessories that give a contemporary edge to your home such as food canisters or Roll Top and Fall Front bread bins that provide a look to fall in love with. Philip Morris and Son is proud to be a leading stockist of this innovative brand in our high street department store and internet shop.

Brabantia Houseware

This housewares brand is world renowned for its stylish design with all aspects of kitchen and homeware. Rubbish and waste bins have the highest majority of sales here as well as the bin liners that ergonomically fit them. Rubbish bins in the home can be a boring subject yet the unique styled designs help to not only improve the look in the home with a selection of contrasting colours but also provide easy use with slimline sizes to fit every gap to soft touch opening lids that encourage you to open them.

Innovative products are created for inside the home and outside in the garden. The creating of products that make things easier and more comfortable to use is high on the agenda. For example, the rotary airer is not only an obvious clothes dryer, thought and technology experience has been used to design easier raising drying arms for your clothing. Thought has been put into what the customer wants whether it is a small light washing line to a larger clothes line that is not only easy to operate but is large enough to cope with heavy loads and big sheets. Long term guarantees also offer peace of mind for the consumer which reassures the confidence shown by the manufacturer.