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Pedal Bins

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  • Brabantia FlatBack+ Space Saving Pedal Bin 40 Litre
  • Brabantia newIcon Pedal Bin 30 Litre Plastic Bucket
  • Brabantia newIcon Pedal Bin 5 Litre Plastic Bucket
  • Brabantia newIcon Pedal Bin 3 Litre

    Brabantia newIcon Pedal Bin 3 Litre

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  • Brabantia Perfume Your Bin Starter Set

Brabantia Pedal Bins

The Brabantia pedal bin range is a whole family in itself. Like families have different rooms for different purposes, Brabantia pedal bins fulfil their purposes in every home - a bin for every room. Each Brabantia pedal bin features a non-skid base, odour-proof soft-close lid and a removable inner bucket making the bin easy to clean and empty. The popular Brabantia Twin Bin features 2 independent 20 litre inner buckets and is perfect for waste separation. 

Brabantia pedal bins are manufactured from high quality materials and are corrosion resistant. The robust pedal mechanism is designed to be long-lasting, durable and practical. These Brabantia pedal bins are available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 3 litre to 40 litre, and several stylish finishes including black, white, almond, brilliant steel, matt steel and Brabantia's Fingerprint Proof matt steel which is ideal for use in a household where the bin is going to be used frequently.

Brabantia pedal bins all come with a free pack of Brabantia bin liners which are specifically tailored to suit your chosen bin and like all Brabantia bins they have a 10 year guarantee. Service parts are also available for purchase including replacement handles, replacement non-slip feet, replacement pedal kits, replacement inner buckets and several other items. For further advice on Brabantia pedal bins, Brabantia bin bags and service parts, please call our customer service team on (01432) 377089.