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Brabantia PerfectFit Bin Liners
  • All Brabantia bin sizes available.
  • Sealing band for easy removal.
  • Strong bin bags
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Starter set (Holder plus one capsule)
  • Starter set and refills.
  • Eliminate bin smells.
  • Refillable perfume capsule
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Compostable bin linersItem on sale
  • 100% compostable bin liner.
  • Made for organic kitchen waste.
  • Roll of 10 bags 
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Size C 5 packItem on sale
  • Extra strong quality plastic (HDPE).
  • All bag sizes available.
  • Special discounts
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Size BItem on sale
  • All Brabantia sizes available.
  • Multi-listing
  • Discounts on every pack!
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    Size A (3L)Item on sale
  • All Brabantia sizes available.
  • Many Discounts on every pack
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    Buy 11 and get the 12th free!
  • 100% compostable bin bags.
  • 12 for the price of 11.
  • Discount deal pack!
  • £46.20
    Buy 21 and get 3 more free!Item on sale
    Free UK delivery
  • 100% compostable bin liners
  • 10 litres.
  • Fit a variety of Brabantia bins
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    Brabantia Waste Bags

    Brabantia bin liners have been specially developed for use with Brabantia waste bins. You can identify the correct size/type of bin liners by means of the special colour code on the front of the pack and on the inside of your Brabantia pedal bin or waste bin. Brabantia bin bags are available individually from Philip Morris & Son and we also have a variety of money-saving package deals on all Brabantia bin liners including Buy 11 Packs Get 1 Free and Buy 21 Packs Get 3 Free. Each pack contains 20 Brabantia bin liners, except the 50 litre which contains 10 bags.

    Brabantia bin-liners are uniquely tailored to fit your Brabantia bin. Brabantia waste bags are made of extra-strong quality plastic (HDPE) which is tear-resistant. When you want to remove the bin liner from your bin simply pull the sealing tape and the bin liner will be removed and sealed. To find out which size of bin liner you need, check the colour code on the inside of the lid of your waste bin and you'll know what size you need.

    The environmentally-friendly K size Brabantia bin bag is compostable - both the bin liner and packaging are made with starch base and are 100% compostable as well as being strong and easy to use and is especially designed for Brabantia's popular Twin Bin.

    Please note that bin liners to fit a 20 litre Brabantia bin are available in 2 sizes: the standard 20 litre (Code E) measures 54cm x 47cm and the Slimline 20 litre (Code F) measures 76.5cm x 38cm. If you require further assistance when choosing the right Brabantia bin liner please call our customer service team on (01432) 377089.

    Also available are Brabantia 'Perfume Your Bin' deodorizers, a smart solution to hide unpleasant smells in kitchen and bathroom bins. The holder simply stick to the underside of the bin lid and is refillable.

    Brabantia Bin Liners

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