Aga Textiles

Aga Cook's Collection Pan Handle Cover
  • Hot pan handling safety.
  • Handle hot pans carefully.
  • Padded pan handle cover
Tea Towel in Green
  • Traditional cotten/linen tea towels.
  • Durable jacquard basket weave.
  • Superior glass cloth
Iconic Textiles Tea Towel
  • High Absorbency Tea Towel.
  • Hard wearing kitchen essential.
  • Large cotton/linen tea towel
Hand Towel in Green
  • Luxury jacquard basket weave.
  • Soft, high absorbency hand towels.
  • Towels for sport or home use
Aga Chef's Pad
  • Cover hot pans, handy pot grab or protect work surfaces.
  • Two tone design in black and cream.
  • 36cm diameter
Was £13.95 NOW £12.95
Corgi Chef's Pad
  • Gorgeous dog print chefs pad with terry cotton reverse.
  • Multi-purpose kitchen tool
  • 100% cotton design
Dizzie The Labrador Chef's Pad
  • Gorgeous 'Dizzie the Labrador' design.
  • Great quality panama cotton outer.
  • Insulated hob cover
Dottie The Cat Chef's Pad
  • Chefs' pad with illustrated cat design.
  • Multi-purpose kitchen textile.
  • Printed on pure cotton base
Aga Ionic Textiles Pot Grab
  • Handle hot pans safely.
  • Steam and grease barrier.
  • Square pan handling kitchen accessory
Top Dog chef's pad
  • Multipurpose, insulated kitchen pad
  • Matching items available.
  • Cute dog design
Cooks collection gauntlet in Green
  • Maximum Protection Oven Gauntlet.
  • Long length for reaching inside ovens.
  • Ergonomic grip
Iconic Textiles Gauntlet
  • Maximum protection oven glove.
  • Steam and Grease protection.
  • Kitchen wear collection
Top Dog Gauntlet
  • Extra long glove for protection.
  • Flexible terry cotton inner.
  • Steam and grease barrer
Double oven glove in Black
Free UK delivery
  • Classic oven gloves.
  • Double gloves for maximum protection.
  • Kitchen Essentials
Was £24.95 NOW £23.95
Iconic Textiles Double Oven Glove
  • Maximum protection oven gloves.
  • Conforms to BS 6526:1998.
  • Steam and grease protection
Iconic Textiles Apron
  • Adjustable full front apron.
  • Classic Aga cookers design.
  • Colourful and bright cooking apron

Trust Aga cookwear to think of everything! To ensure that you always have everything required to make cooking as stress free as possible, Aga have introduced a range of textiles and accessories to perfectly complement their range of classic cookers. This collection of accessories includes aprons, easy-clean splash shields as well as the clever grab-pad which can be used like an oven glove, a surface protector or a pot cover.

Did you know?

Aga stands for Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator, which was a Swedish industrial gas company that was founded at the turn of the last century. They originally began by selling acetylene gas (used at the time in railway lighting), but once they employed Nobel prize winning Gustaf Dalén the company grew rapidly into other areas. Dalén was a inventive genius, and not only was the brains behind the flashing beacon on a lighthouse, but also the Aga cooker itself!