Aga Stainless Steel Cookware

An essential for every kitchen, the Aga stainless steel range is not only practical but extremely stylish too. Although designed for the iconic Aga cookers - the unique flat lid design makes them perfect for storing stacked in the oven - they are suitable for all heat sources, including induction. They are all designed with a heavy 6mm base for excellent heat conduction, and the stainless steel is not only extremely durable but also hygenic and easy to clean. 

About the range

The stainless steel range has classic, timeless lines, that will look great in any kitchen. They also feature:

  • Unique flat lids that enable easy stacking
  • A 6mm thick base that has been specially designed to prevent distortion when hot
  • Sleek, recessed branded handles
  • Heavy branded lids to prevent steam from escaping

Selected pans also feature laser etched capacity markings for accurate measurements, and the stainless steel is top quality as it is made from 18 parts chromium to 10 parts nickel. This mix offers the best rust resistance, durability and retention of polish possible.


The complete range is dishwasher proof, and can be used on all types of cooking appliances including gas, electric, halogen burners and induction hobs.